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“They Must Be Stopped”

January 24, 2009
Dave Bertrand
via email …..

The Heritage Foundation video clip of Brigitte Gabriel, Anchor Newsperson for ‘World News,’ warns Americans that Islamic Totalitarianism is on the rise with Hamas cells located in 40 U.S. states. Her New York Times Best Seller, “They Must Be Stopped” details how various Mosques are used to spread hatred against Christians and why moderate Muslims do not stand-up against their brethren. She estimates that 15% to 20% of the estimated 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are considered “radical.”

She points-out that Europe has been transformed into what she calls, “Eurabia” and how radical Islam has hijacked European culture and that “America is next.”

She describes her life, growing-up in Lebanon as a Christian, but more disturbing is her recollection of events aimed at Christians and Jews by radical Islamic terrorists. Her call for Americans to wake-up to the eventuality of Islamic terror within, and how it relates to Israel and surrounding Arab countries, promotes the on-going efforts of the United States to combat terrorism wherever it is located in the world.

The Heritage Foundation promotes a strong defensive posture (worldwide), while promoting globalization of free trade agreements. The organization promotes strong border security, but wants the administration to relax cargo inspections, citing that time consuming inspections delay delivery and are not effective.

One point that Ms. Gabriel is in accordance with, concerning media …… propaganda is coming from all directions, but points-out the facts about Israel’s justification for their actions and how the media interprets those actions around the world. She is concerned that “left wing media” are not portraying the truth about Israel’s attempts to defend themselves, including Christians in Israel and Lebanon.

We have to ask ourselves, what is our (U.S.) role in Israel’s struggle against terrorism, and why we are now a major player in this deadly game that is expected to erupt within, by some estimations. But what is more critical and disturbing, how is it that our north and southern borders are not treated like we’re in a “War on Terror,” and why our military is mostly on the other side of the world, when our own security is at stake?

NAFTA is the key to those questions, and the Obama Administration and his ‘status quo’ cabinet will continue to tell Americans that our borders are more secure now than they were before 9/11, but like they say….it ONLY takes one terrorist with a biochemical weapon to easily walk across the border, but foreign policy overrides that possibility with propaganda that is meant to re-focus our minds to other people’s problems abroad, but not in our own backyard. At the end of the day, the world’s problems eventually catch-up to us, and if we’re not prepared, or have not learned any lessons from 9/11, then we can only assume that what makes the merry-go-round is the same guy behind the curtain.

Take a look at the latest pictures/videos of how well our border security has (not) improved by visiting:

Ms. Gabriel is a brave person for presenting her ideology to America, and she is of the opinion that Americans should give-up certain liberties in-order to be safe. She states (in the video clip) that she would be happy if the FBI came to her house and wanted to search her home, but said that she would first tell them, “please wait…I’ll have my children clean-up first,” not something the FBI would wait, smile and acknowledge, and maybe this is where Ms. Gabriel doesn’t understand the principles of what our founding fathers once stated, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” — Benjamin Franklin, or “The people never give up their liberty but under some delusion.” — Edmund Burke, 1784

“The “law of unintended consequences” (also called the “law of unforeseen consequences”) states that any purposeful action will produce some unintended consequences.”

A 1991 fictitious novel, “The Illuminati” by Larry Burkett details an event that mirrors today’s crisis. He provides the reader a close-up look at how our world is evolving around good versus evil. A Christian organization called the “Constitutional Rights Committee” (CRC) is transformed into a “domestic terrorist organization” overnight by an out-of-control administration, creating events for a world economic take-over by the elite that (today in real life) are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and shadow members of the Bilderberg Group a.k.a. the illuminati a.k.a. the central banking system elite (World Bank). This fictitious book is not one to take lightly as fiction, but could very well be the foresight of a writer that saw the economic downfall of America coming. Today, good versus evil is extremely confusing, depending upon what media source you listen to.

No doubt, Islamic terrorism is upon us, silent, ready, and waiting. And no doubt…our borders are wide open and our national security is very lax and explains why half this country is experiencing a new euphoria (under Obama) and the other half are preparing….and for what, only a handful know.

[Ms. Brigitte Gabriel, American Congress For Truth]

“After the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 Ms. Gabriel founded American Congress for a non profit organization dedicated to educating millions of uninformed Americans about the threat of radical Islam to world peace and national security. She is a member of the board of Advisors of the Intelligence Summit and lectures nationally and internationally about terrorism and current affairs.

Gabriel is the author of the book Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. She is a regular guest on national TV news channels and various radio stations. She speaks four languages, Arabic, French, English and Hebrew.”

Review the video, add your comments and pass it on…..

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