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Ramos And Compean Improperly Prosecuted

January 21, 2009
Michael Cutler

Earlier today one of my sons excitedly told me to turn on the news on the television because he had heard that former Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean were going to be released. I hurriedly turned on my television and watched with great relief and joy that indeed, those two valiant federal agents who had been, in my judgment, improperly prosecuted and imprisoned were going to be released nearly ten years earlier than their original sentences would have required.

I have written many commentaries about this case and had the opportunity to address this miscarriage of justice on a number of radio and television programs and when I have spoken at various events that focused on the issue of immigration.

The fact that these valiant law enforcement officers were arrested and prosecuted as they were, in my judgment, may well have contributed to the reduction in the arrest of illegal aliens by the Border Patrol. I am of the belief that many agents were intimidated by the actions of the prosecutor in this case, Johnny Sutton and feared that by attempting to carry out their sworn duties, these agents not only ran the risk of being seriously injured by the ever more violent alien and drug smugglers operating in the lawless border regions of the United States, but that they also ran a serious risk of getting hammered by their own government!

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