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“Open Letter to Hitler” (1932): Just change the names and date.

January 19, 2009
AIP News

The open letter to Adolph Hitler below was written by a prescient Catholic priest, Ingbert Naab, in Germany in 1932. Eventually 20 million copies of this letter, published in an organ called The Straight Way, circulated throughout the country, and it was incendiary enough that Naab was forced to flee the country for his life in 1933 and the publisher of the letter was beaten to death by Hitler’s goons at Dachau in 1934.

Let me be clear. I am not, in urging you to read this letter, suggesting that President-elect Obama is the next Hitler. Far from it.

The point rather is to remind us all of a dangerous confluence of trends in America: a naïve, gullible and reverential public and press that virtually worships its newly elected leader, a leader with an apparently inflated view of his own importance and capacity, all accompanied by an alarming trend toward an increasing concentration of power in the federal government and an increasing dependency on the central government by its people.

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