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My Eternal Contempt

January 19, 2009
Neal Ross
via email …..

While I do not trust the news media to tell me the truth about anything, I do often get ideas to write from the things I see and hear on their broadcasts. Therefore, the other night I was watching NBC Nightly News, and they were reporting on the historic arrival of Barack Obama into Washington D.C. for his inauguration.

Lester Holt was reporting on the train ride Barack Obama took as he made his way towards our nation’s capital. There were, literally, hundreds of people who braved the cold to get a glimpse of, what they called, history being made, as the train carrying Obama made its way past them.

I could not help but think of the similarity between Obama’s historic trip, and Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem prior to His crucifixion. The only difference being, that as Christ was making his way into Jerusalem, He knew that He was about to be handed over to the authorities to be executed as part of the price He must pay so that we, as sinners, would be able to seek redemption for our sins. On the other hand, Barack Obama made his, so called, triumphant entry into Washington D.C., quite possibly aware that he is the one who will bring about the downfall of this country as we have known it.

Just two years ago, Barack Obama was basically a nobody. His meteoric rise to power is nothing short of astonishing, particularly when one takes the time to look at his record. Quite honestly, Barack Obama has not done a single thing that would make him any more eligible to serve as President than anyone else. Yet he came out of nowhere, with the help of people like Oprah Winfrey, to become the people’s choice for the 44th president.

Obama’s true gift, I suppose, is his ability to inspire and motivate the masses. But Adolf Hitler held that same ability, and look what he did to Germany. Hitler wrote a book entitled Mein Kampf, which translates to My Battle. On pages 76 and 77 Hitler stated the following, “All propaganda should be popular and should adopt its intellectual level to the receptive ability of the least intellectual.” Hitler went on to say, “If the object is to gather a whole nation within its circle of influence, there cannot be enough attention paid to avoidance of too high a level of intellectuality. The receptive ability of the masses is very limited, their understanding small, and they have great power of forgetting. This being so, all effective propaganda must be confined to very few points which must be brought out in the form of slogans until the very last man is enabled to comprehend what is meant by any slogan.”

That sounds quite a bit like the campaign that Obama ran, doesn’t it? Obama’s campaign manager must have been a marketing genius to come up with slogans such as Change We Can Believe In, and Yes We Can. These saying remind me more of jingles like the one used by McDonalds, “I’m Lovin’ It.” They are mere slogans, lacking in substance, designed to inspire and motivate the masses, and that is exactly what they did.

So, while Obama campaigned on a platform of change, if the people would have been paying attention, he was actually campaigning upon the same old platform of Democratic issues, which means more government and more spending of your tax dollars.

Now I am not saying that John McCain would have been any better, in fact McCain and Obama are quite similar in their positions on many of the issues. What I am saying is that the people of this country do not look for substance when they elect/select a president. They want someone who makes them feel good about themselves, and their country.

Look at George W. Bush right after the attacks of September 11, he had a huge popularity rating and had almost the whole nation behind him. Now look at him, leaving office with dismal ratings. Yet while Bush did much damage to this country, quite possibly equal to the damage done by Lincoln, Roosevelt and Wilson, he is not alone when it comes to responsibility for all that ails this country.

If people understood how our system of government was supposed to work, they would realize that Congress makes the laws, the President merely signs them, giving them life, so to speak. We also have a Supreme Court which is supposed to make sure that Congress, or the President, are not exceeding the powers granted them by the Constitution.

In effect, our government is nothing more than a dysfunctional family who does not know, or does not care, what the restrictions are that have been put in place to limit their powers and authority.

Yet aren’t we the people the ones who vote for these buffoons who do not even understand that they are our servants, not our masters? Aren’t we to share for the blame because we too have become ignorant as to the Constitutional limitations of our government? James Madison once said, “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

Barack Obama won a majority of the votes, because he made the people believe that he was a bringer of change, when in all likelihood he is not even Constitutionally eligible to hold the office to which he is about to be sworn in to. If the people of this country truly cared about the principles upon which this nation was founded, Barack Obama would still be the junior senator from Illinois, not our next president.

You can call me cynical and pessimistic, that I should give Obama a chance. No, I don’t have to, because he is not going to do anything different than Presidents past, run this country further into the ground, and further infringe upon our God given rights.

There comes a time when a person has to say, enough is enough. Our government has proven time and time again that they have no desire to adhere to the Constitution. They have trampled upon it, my rights, as well as yours, and in so doing have earned my eternal contempt.

You can go ahead and support Obama, give him the chance you think he deserves, but as far as I am concerned, he is just another traitor to the American people that deserves neither my respect, nor my support. Time will tell who was right, but when it is proven that I was right, I don’t want to hear any complaints from those of you who stood behind this fool.

I am Neal Ross, and I approved this message

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