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Military Speaks Out

January 18, 2009
Rise Up For America

(Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff – Dated 1/10/2009)

The United States is facing the worst Constitutional Crisis since South Carolina seceded from the Union. It could well split the military between those who will stand by the Constitution vs. those who stand by traitors in order to keep their military offices. The major difference is that the secession was covered by the media of the day but this crisis is being hidden by the media or when covered, much misinformation has been provided to deceive We the People. When we who know about this crisis try to BUY time on TV, we are refused.


1. The Electors failed to do their Constitutional duty after being educated as to the crisis.

2. On Jan 8, 2009, the entire Senate and House of Representatives dishonored their oath to sustain and defend the Constitution after also being educated about this crisis.

3. The Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court, are using all types of legal technicalities as an excuse not to keep their oath.

The ONLY group that is left to turn to is the military. If you fail us we have two choices left. First, we can submit to the fall of our Constitutional Republic and live under a New World Order or SECOND we can do as the Patriots did in 1776 and win back our liberties under God. I believe most retired military will take that position as I would. “Don’t Tread On Me” will be our theme like it was the former Patriots.

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