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Bush Legacy: Sellout

January 16, 2009
Jon Christian Ryter

Based on the face of it, we can assume that outgoing President George W. Bush failed Geography 101 since the Mariana Trench is about 6,000 miles from Los Angeles. Former presidents, tritely using 34 Stat. 225, 16 USC 431, The Antiquities Act of June 8, 1906 to appease environmentalists and/or oil, gas or mineral rights profiteers, have appropriated valuable land from the citizens of the United States to keep it from being economically exploited, thereby theoretically safeguarding the land for posterity (i.e., their constituents for exploitation by them at some future date) by converting them into national parks, reserves or sanctuaries. For example, on May 26, 1952, shortly after massive oil reserves were discovered along the North Slope of Alaska, President Harry S. Truman issued Executive Order 10355 creating the Arctic National Wildlife Range which was to consume some 8.9 million acres of land sitting directly on top of the most important oil find since the initial discovery of crude oil at Oil Creek, Pennsylvania in 1862 and the Baku Oil Fields in Russia in 1873.

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