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Gun control in America, Part I: The T-word

January 15, 2009

In America, we are not merely governed, we are self-governed. This is a nation of self-rule, not rule. Did you ever get the idea that we are simply being ruled instead?

There are many words Americans hesitate to use. No, the T-word is not Terrorism, it is Tyranny. And the word is not on the lips of most Americans, not yet. It is, for now, a question of whether current affairs even rise to the level of even uttering the word.

Well, how far do we have to walk in our liberty in being regulated by individuals who know nothing about guns – what it is about guns isn’t even about guns – before we see signs of abuses of powers not granted? At this time, we see confiscations and plenty of examples of unreasonable and unworkable regulation of citizen rights. This has forced many states to adopt emergency condition legislation to ensure the rights of citizens to remain armed in time of local disaster, a very patriotic move. These states recognize not only the utility and necessity of the armed citizen as a community asset, but also their constituents’ supreme authority. This is a rapport there between the government and the governed, and should be an uncomplicated model for all other states. It is self-rule in action.

For the rest of the story …..

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