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Monsanto Investigator in Illinois Laughs They Are Doing ‘Rural Cleansing’

January 14, 2009
OpEd News

As of last night, a US marshall, 2 state police and a county police are all over Mr. Hixon’s area, serving notices to farmers that they are being sued by Monsanto. They arrive in pairs, with two cars parked a quarter mile and half mile down the road. They’ve served 3 so far and said “a bunch more are coming.” No telling how many will be served since Hixon has between 200-400 farmers he cleans seeds for and these farmers have been repeatedly threatened by Monsanto thugs for the last two months, getting “visits,” letters, and calls daily.

Farmers report that a Monsanto investigator laughed that they were doing “rural cleansing.”

Steve Hixon is a seed cleaner in southern Illinois. He has equipment that takes the plant materials and “cleans” it so that the seeds are separated out and can be given back to farmers to save for the next season. It’s a mechanized step up from farmers hand picking seeds off their own plants, which, with hundreds of acres – or even 10 – would not be easy to do.

Mr. Hixon has the non-distinction of being attacked by Monsanto. He is far from alone. Monsanto has been picking off seed cleaners across the Midwest, having already done its thuggish thing in Pilot Grove, Missouri, and in Indiana, attacking Maurice Parr, destroying business for all of them.

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  1. Linda S permalink
    January 14, 2009 3:32 pm

    Call them what they are. These Monsanto people are thieves and bullies. They intimidate and harangue. To them it is enjoyable to see the farmers squirm. Thugs they are – are they Americans or are they imported also?

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