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Brady Gun Ban Plan

January 14, 2009
Alan Korwin
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I have obtained the complete 16-page plan sent to Obama’s transition team, with 26 specific “requests,” posted on my website:

So where’s the pro-rights proposal? If the gun-rights community doesn’t offer suggestions, all we can do is react defensively — what a terrible strategy! He’ll be our president (and its our Congress) too, for better or worse.

We need to issue “requests” for: tax breaks for marksmanship training and range time; jail time for people who infringe on Second Amendment rights or discriminate against gun owners (civil-rights denial is a felony); High School Marksmanship Programs; repeal of discreet-carry bans; a special award for armed survivors of criminal assaults… and how about ammo stamps for the poor so they can practice too? See dozens of clever suggestions here: (OK, so maybe field-stripping battle rifles grades K thru 12 goes a bit far) and call on your gun-rights group to draft a formal proposal on letterhead for Mr. Obama now. Don’t forget to announce it to your “news” outlets. Submit proposals:

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