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Another Massacre?

January 14, 2009
Mary Starrett

For 7 years, the American colonists saw red everywhere they looked. British troops had taken over their towns. Colonists had put up with increasing taxation, being spied on and having their normal, day-to-day lives scrutinized. One cold night in Boston in 1775, an altercation turned deadly and before it was over British troops had shot and killed five colonists. That was a turning point. By then the gloves were off and those who lived in the new world were ready to fight for freedom. Some thought it would be best to just let King George and his army increase taxes and restrictions unchecked. Others knew fighting back was the only way they would stand a chance of securing freedom for themselves and their children. As British subjects, the colonists were fighting for their freedom against their own government!

The antagonism that had been growing ever since the British sent armies to occupy towns and enforce more tax burdens led to the American Revolution.

In 2009, we face a similar situation. We can choose to stand up to increasing government tyranny or we can consider ourselves subjects who had best just take the path of least resistance.

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