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Tom DeWeese Threatened by Con Con Proponents

January 13, 2009
Tom Deweese

On Sunday, January 11, 2009, Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center (APC) received a letter from a Bill Walker, purporting to be co-founder of an organization called “Friends of the Article V Convention,” a group supporting a called for a Constitutional Convention. DeWeese and his APC activist group have recently stopped a “Con Con” call in Ohio.

Walker’s letter contends that information DeWeese used for his arguments against a Con Con were fraudulent. Specifically, Walker sited a letter from former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger written in 1983 to Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly, which states in part, “I have also repeatedly given my opinion that there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda.” DeWeese has cited the letter as expert opinion on the dangers of calling a Con Con for a specific purpose, such as the Ohio Resolution which simply wanted to discuss a balanced budget amendment for the Constitution.

Without offering any evidence to the contrary, Walker said the letter was a fraud and that, if DeWeese didn’t refute the letter publically, “I intend to state you knew the letter was a fake all along.”

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