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Mein Kampf

January 13, 2009
Don Stott

Hitler, in his book, advocates the secret police, (SS), state raising of children, and state everything, for all practical purposes. The state must see to it that the children are physically fit, always ready for battle, and this was carried out with the ‘Hitler Youth Corps,’ when he came to power. When I finished it, I saw one particular item which explained why Obama won the recent election, and how to win elections in general. From page 76 and 77: “All propaganda should be popular and should adopt its intellectual level to the receptive ability of the least intellectual.” (Stupidest – Democrats, illegals, illegitimate, trash of all races). “If the object is to gather a whole nation within its circle of influence, there cannot be enough attention paid to avoidance of too high a level of intellectuality. The receptive ability of the masses is very limited, their understanding small, and they have great power of forgetting. This being so, all effective propaganda must be confined to very few points which must be brought out in the form of slogans until the very last man is enabled to comprehend what is meant by any slogan.” Substitute the word ‘campaign speeches,’ for ‘propaganda,’ and you have the Democratic campaign perfectly. Simple slogans to appeal the even the dumbest voters, and you have “CHANGE,” and “NO MORE EIGHT YEARS OF BUSH,” as examples. Simplistic, non explanatory, stupid slogans, as Der Furher advocated, and the Democrats won.

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