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Initial Signs of Government Raid on Military Health Care

January 13, 2009
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
via email …..


Does it surprise you that the US Government will dole out billions, even trillions of dollars to incompetent failing banks, corporations, automobile manufacturers, illegal aliens, pork of all sorts, et al, and then propose breaking the backs of sacrificing military veterans, families, and survivors to pay for the give-aways?

Be aware that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is proposing substantial increases in cost for TRICARE and TRICARE for Life…it’s unclear at this point exaclty what the increases might be or if they will be implemented, but it could run into the thousands of dollars each year for each benficiary.

This is a heads up friends… assured if Congress feels no heat from you and me opposing this back-stabbing approach, then be prepared to feed the insatiable government pig.

The example letter below was prepared by a concerned military retiree that has worked closely with TRICARE policy issues in the past…he’s concerned and urges us all to write our Senators and Representatives early…we might consider scheduling ourselves to send a weekly or bi-weekly letter to Congress.

Dear ___________(Senator or Representative)

Subject: TRICARE Healthcare Program

I urge you to oppose any attempt to increase the cost of enrollment fees and co-pays to military retiree families and their survivors participating in the TRICARE health system.

You are no doubt aware that the Appeals Court in Washington, DC ruled that the promise of health care for life was in fact made to members of the armed forces between WWII and 1995 in order to maintain a viable military force. The court also urged Congress to consider redress with appropriate legislation. Congress responded by creating TRICARE for Life (TFL) which, while not without financial cost to military members, provided a welcome relief to thousands who sacrificed, at low pay, the best part of their lives in service to their country.

There are thousands of military retirees, with their families, living in (your State), along with countless surviving family members of retirees who are counting on your support to oppose the Office of Management and Budger (OMB) proposals calling for substantial increases in the cost of their health care.

Don’t let America’s commitment to its warriors die before they do!


Your name

Forewarned is forearmed…………

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