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There is a better stimulus plan out there

January 12, 2009
Neal Boortz

We now have the benefit of PEBO’s (President-elect Barack Obama) general position on a plan to stimulate our economy. Government shall be our savior. We shall not want. More specifically, government spending. About $800 billion (probably more) will be created out of thin air and then spent by politicians and their cronies in an effort to get our economy moving. Some of PEBO’s spending ideas included “investing” in government schools and modernizing various federal government buildings in Washington and elsewhere.

The “investing in education” bit gives you your first real clue of just what Obama is proposing here. He is proposing to use the occasion of an economic crisis to provide cover for increased government spending that he’s been promising since the day he announced his candidacy. I doubt that someone can explain clearly just how investing in education is going to quickly stimulate our economy, but that spending will be there because it was promised – promised long before our crisis became apparent.

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