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Keeping America Safe, Or Instituting A Police State?

January 11, 2009
American Chronicle

white-house-tankThe concept of “Homeland Security” under the Bush administration is a misnomer that has done more to destroy human rights and freedoms under the guise of “keeping America safe” — coupled with policies that have made us infinitely more vulnerable — to justify instituting what could easily be construed as a police state.

For instance, being forced to strip while being humiliated before boarding an airplane does little to keep travelers safe. All it does is make racial profiling and harassment at taxpayer expense easier to justify.

Political corruption has turned the Justice system upside down. Lie after lie has been fed to the American public to justify extremely illegal activities while corrupted politicians, led by corrupted Congressional leaders, continue being impune. Those few who do their patriotic duty and tell the truth about all the illegal activities perpetrated by our goverment are treated like criminals.

While threats of terror are valid, much of the fear felt by the public was intentionally created by the corruption in Washington — the true depths of which remain to be seen — and constantly fueled by propaganda designed to intentionally mislead the public. “National Security” has been turned into an oxymoron utilized to cover up crimes and false flag operations have played an important part into scaring people into submission for decades, especially these past eight years.

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