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Obama and the Ugly New UnAmerican United States

January 9, 2009
Canada Free Press
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bobama4-8If all that it takes for Barack Obama to reassure the American people that we will have better days ahead are a bank of unfurled flags behind him and delivering a left-over canned election speech, then Barack Obama’s job would be done and we could have peace about his intent. But, as of now, all I can see is a little man being propped up by his unseen speech writers who are trying hard to make him appear Presidential.

The snakes are on the move. They are crawling all over the United States Constitution and slithering underneath the underbelly of all that has become seamy in American society, such as abortions on demand, bailouts instead of working economies, socialism instead of capitalism, union handouts and card check, same-sex marriages, medical suicide, universal healthcare, welfare, and whatever else comes down the pike that is outside of commonsense. And enacting those issues are forever changing the face of our “One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

Shame on America for allowing this nation to move so far away from Godly values, morals, traditions, justice, and truth. It is bad enough but not hopeless, as Obama would have Americans to believe. Even though those aforementioned attributes have been gutted from America like a catfish and it may appear that nothing remains but the decaying bones to stick it to Americans, nothing could be further from the truth. The fundamental foundation of the United States Constitution remains in place as a steadying factor for whatever may come or go.

Does anyone believe that America has become so low that she will accept anything or anybody but the very best to lead her people? Does America have to be brought down to her knees before she will wake up and show her strength to resist any such attempts to undercut her long history of being “of the people, by the people, and for the people?” Never. Not as long as the American people understand that the United States Congress stands between the Executive and the Judicial Branches of government to make certain the people they have elected to represent all Americans will not be undercut in any way by any unprecedented move by anyone to unilaterally change or go so far as to try to wipe out the entire constitution by instituting a coalition government like his Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga did and then he made himself the Prime Minister with power and authority over the currently serving Kenyan African President. Don’t think Obama would not try that in America. After all, he was instrumental in helping Odinga to get elected in 2006, when Obama was a United States Senator.


Of all the words that caught my individual attention during Barack Obama’s speech on America’s economy, those were the ones that gave me pause when I heard him say them. lt appears, by his own words, that Obama has made up in his mind that-as he said-“Only the government” is able to do for America what she cannot do for herself, which is to get her ownself out of the drastic economic down turn and deficits of the past few months and past administrations.

It is not what Obama said during his speech that is so disturbing, but it is what he did not say.

From the night of November 4, 2008, when Obama gave his acceptance speech upon becoming President-elect until now, his message tone immediately changed. During his primary and general election campaigns to become President, the buzzwords he made a part of his persona were “hope,” “change,” and “transparency.” Yet, those are the very traits he has thrown under the bus in the Obama Administration. Will our congressional leaders have enough backbone to stand up against an attempted overthrow of our government? We need to know that.

  • Whatever happened to Obama’s “feel good charge?”
  • Whatever happened to his “Yes We Can?”
  • Whatever happened to his “Be the Change?”
  • Whatever happened to his having “A Transparent Administration?”

There can be no “transparency” until Barack Obama or some tenacious investigator proves his place of birth and whether or not he is legally qualified to serve in such a prestigious office as the President of the United States. To date, Obama and our government have refused to get that done. So we remain mystified.

After building up the hopes, dreams, ideas, and ideals of the American people who bought into his campaign electioneering enough to elect him to the highest office in the nation, that of President, he still maintains that “It will not be easy, and we have a long way to go.” Most people believed America had finally arrived with him as the first black President.

Obama’s America Has A Blueprint for War on Capitalism and Individualism

During Obama’s televised speech to the nation today, he spoke about having to “rebuild America.” What he did not say is that, in order for his administration to do that, he has to first tear the nation down —- gut it. However, do Americans really believe that he has to take it to that level? Further, he also maintains that in order to build up the economy, he has to take trillions of dollars away from American taxpayers to pay for it. Yet, he has not addressed the fact that taxpayers are on the hook for more than $770 billion dollars under the Bush Administration with a Democrat majority congress and much of it has not yet been spent nor has it trickled down to the taxpayers who need it to save their homes and livelihood.

What Obama’s plan says to me is that once he has helped to totally bankrupt America, then Americans will look to government (read, “Obama”) as the savior they thought him to be to rescue them. Then Americans would look to Obama for all of their needs.

Goal fully accomplished! Socialism. Communism. Dictatorship. Before anybody thinks that is not likely, take time out to think about Vladimir Putin, the Castro Brothers, Hugo Chavez, Hitler, Idi Amin, and other dictators, most of whom Obama has known about personally, such as the Indonesian Presidents where he lived as a child and the African leadership he has known in recent years, as a native “son of Africa.”

Americans have to forget about wanting Obama to succeed, because even more than that, Americans must earnestly desire America to succeed and to continue to be American far beyond Obama’s constitutional term in office. That is the success we can live with, and one that we must refuse to never live without.

In order to do that, first and foremost, our Congressional representatives must remain alert and not throw caution to the wind. They must be zealous to safeguard our constitution. If Obama totally closes off Americans from having individual access to the halls of government by continuing his modus operandi of having his “team” work their dark-of-night, under-handed deals on his behalf, which would never get to the people for their voice in the mix, and by transmitting all of their communications solely via their internet social sites specifically to their donors or inquirers registered on their email lists, then we can surely kiss America good-bye. For one thing, not everybody has a computer or wants to know how to use one. Besides, we pay a lot of money to use the U.S. Postal Service and we still can’t get our messages delivered in a timely fashion. But we need to be able to maintain contact with our United States governmental officials. And how many times will Obama command Washington, D.C. or any other state in the nation to be shut down on a moment’s notice so that he can wiz through our town in his brand new uparmored limo called, “The Beast?” And how many stories do we have to sit through just because America has a black President? Sounds like reverse racism to me, since they want to use that as an excuse when it suits them to do so.

Americans must not fall for that ploy. Stay awake! Stay alert! Stay prayerful! The story goes like this.

One Sunday morning, a young man decided he’d skip church and, instead, go for a long walk in the woods. As he wandered lazily along, suddenly a big, black grizzly bear came across his path. Fearing for his safety, the young man headed for one of the tallest trees in the forest and fiercely began climbing it. But, instead of that deterring the bear, the young man was horrified to find that the bear was climbing up that tree behind him just as fiercely as he. And, when the young man had reached the very top of the tree, he saw that the bear was still coming up after him sitting in the tree. At that point, the young man must have remembered it was, after all, Sunday, so he began to pray. And this is what he prayed-

“Lord, if you can’t help me, please don’t help that bear!” (-anon)

Barack Obama is up a tree. He is still working on the campaign trail giving stump speeches and unashamedly soliciting donations. Where is the Federal Election Commission and the Congress? Obama’s “change” consists of giving more of the same, because the majority of his cabinet, to date, is comprised of the leftovers from the prior administration of former President William Jefferson Clinton, which includes his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, whom Obama has tapped to be his nominee as his Secretary of State. Now, how about that for “change we can believe in?”

Pray for America and for our nation to return to God. And, if you insist on praying for Obama, be careful what you pray for. After all, how do you think he got into that office in the first place?

What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?

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