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Ammunition proposal is focus of lobbying

January 9, 2009
The News & Observer
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DURHAM — An effort to get Durham officials to seek legislation that would require people buying ammunition to first obtain a permit has touched off a lobbying campaign by both supporters and opponents.

The Rev. Melvin Whitley of Durham has been lobbying to get what he calls the “Bullet Ownership Bill” on a list of legislation sought by Durham officials in the coming legislative session.

Among the bill’s provisions: required permits for buying ammunition and a prohibition on ammunition purchase by several classes of people, including convicted felons, drug addicts and the mentally ill.

In December, Whitley presented his bill to a City Council work session, at which the council agreed to consider putting it on Durham’s legislative wish list.

Grassroots North Carolina, a group that bills itself as supporters of Second Amendment Rights on gun ownership, has sent an alert to its members, asking them to send letters of opposition to Durham City Council members. And folks who support Whitley’s proposals are sending the council letters, too.

Durham officials were scheduled to discuss the proposal today along with other requests for legislation, but the meeting has been canceled.

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