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Walter Burien answers my ???????

January 6, 2009

 The CAFR Shell Game – The Revolution – Be A Part Of It!

“GROSS” INCOME of government is now 1/3rd “TAX” income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects.

Any Company or in fact Country can be “made” or “broken” through the use of those government investment funds. China and India in 2007 restricted new US “Government” investments, now several trillion dollars strong in China and India so that US Government investments would not further increase control  (take-over) in  their own markets. China and India learned by seeing what happened to Mexico then Russia when the US Government investment machine came rolling on in.

If US Government cashed in their International investment chips (held outside of the dollar), in conversion back to the dollar, the dollar would shoot through the roof, get it?

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  1. May 18, 2009 10:10 am

    Of course, by reading your various communities’ CAFRs, you can see that towns, cities and states are hiding much of their revenue from the public. It is very sad and devious. Of course, if you watched Walter’s two hour video from 2000, you would know this.

    We all need to wake up to what is going on and try to get the media to tell the truth. While this is not likely to happen soon, it is the only hope we have. As a marathon runner, perhaps I’ll skip a marathon in the fall to just run from New York City to Albany to raise awareness of this issue. Really, I’m not sure what to do.

    If I were rich, I’d put a full page advertisement in the NY Times. Any suggestions? Anyone want to tell gov. Sch. of CA that he has BILLIONS available to him and “his” state does NOT have to declare bankrupcy? Is he that stupid or is he smart and doesn’t want to even let his suffering population know the truth? I’m really not sure. I’m a nutritionist, not an accountant (or attorney).

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