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The Lincoln/Obama Two-Headed “Messiah”

January 6, 2009
Al Benson Jr.

In 2009 Barack Obama (or whatever his name really is) will be inaugurated as president of the United States. There are still reported problems dealing with the truthfulness and accuracy of his birth certificate. In my humble opinion none of that will make any difference. They could discover that he was born in Pago Pago to an Indian mother and a Chinese father and they would still inaugurate him–because he shows a willingness to do the will of the One world crowd. Nothing else will make any difference. He is a thorough-going socialist, but as long as he is willing to sell his soul to do the bidding of the CFR/Trilateralist crowd the constitutionality of it all is superflous.

2009 is also, by coincidence, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, another socialist, and those who worship the “messiah” of big, collectivist government has been noting the similarities between the two men. Both came from Illinois. Both were the product of somewhat corrupt political machines. That’s one comparison most do not make but I do. If Obama was not born where he claims to have been, neither was Lincoln. There are those who strongly claim Mr. Lincoln was born in North Carolina and was illegitimate. I have seen written material dealing with this and feel it is a strong possibility. Lincoln, in his time in office, ignored the Constitution when it suited his purposes to do so. Author William E. Woodward in his book Years of Madness, on page 160, noted how Lincoln violated the Constitution when he increased the size of the regular army, something the Constitution says Congress is supposed to do. Woodward also noted: “Lincoln did not allow Congress to meet until July 4, 1861–eleven weeks after the war broke out. Meanwhile he directed the war himself, spending Federal money without congressional authorization–again in violation of the Constitution.” It would not be the last time.

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