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Entire Confederate Army Heading For New York

January 1, 2009
TransWorld News
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Every regiment that made up the Army of the Confederate States will be in the New York Hudson River hamlet of Palisades, the first week in January, 2009. The regiments of the Confederate Army will be the subject of an Internet research source established by History Publishing Company that may be the most expansive of its kind. A separate site is being prepared for the research resource.

Every regiment that served the Confederate Army from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indian Territory, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia will be the subjects of the reference entitled The Register of the Army of the Confederate States of America.

Designed to provide a comprehensive research service for authors, teachers, students and Civil War enthusiasts, The Register lists every regiment by state alpha-numerically, yielding such information as organization place and date, geographical origin, places of service, special notes, all officers, places and dates of engagements and commanding officers and casualties.

Compiled as a three volume text which may be soon available as a hard cover set, The Register is being presented on the Internet site on a state basis for ease of research. The fascinating story behind The Register, and how it came to be, will also be made available on the site.

History Publishing Company, a firm focusing on 19th and 20th Century history, has a special interest in the American Civil War sometimes using technology to study the great conflict. Its initial technological effort was the computer designed Civil War Historyscope Series co-designed by author Donagh Bracken and Dr. Lillian Langseth for both the researcher and the classroom. Bracken also used sound technology to simulate the sound of the rebel yell by a company of troops charging a Union line and made listening freely available on the Articles page of

History Publishing Company is establishing a separate website devoted exclusively to The Register and will be operational in early January, 2009. Definite date and website address will be available at

Contact: Don Bracken
(tel) 845-398-8161
(fax) 845-359-8282
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