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UPDATE #1: CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009 — TX Meetings This Weekend!

December 31, 2008
We The People
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Delegate Selection Criteria & Process

Prep Tour Starts: San Antonio and Dallas THIS WEEKEND

wtp1In Texas, this Saturday and Sunday, the national tour to prepare for Continental Congress 2009 gets underway. The purpose of the tour is to meet directly with groups of people across the country to promote CC 2009. We will discuss Why it has become necessary to have a Continental Congress, How the Continental Congress will work, What Continental Congress 2009 is and what it is not, and what might be its outcome, Where it will take place and why that venue was chosen, and Who the delegates might be.
We encourage everyone to do whatever they can to help promote the upcoming national tour stops. Please do what you can to arrange for local radio interviews in advance of individual meetings. We will provided a sample local event flyer as part of our next update.

We still need volunteers to help arrange for local meeting venues along the planned promotional meeting schedule. For more details and current contact information for Bob Schulz please see our previous article.

On Saturday, January 3 at 1 PM, Patriots will gather near San Antonio at the Silver Eagle Tap House in the town of McQueeny, Texas. Click here for details, location and directions.

On Sunday, January 4, 1 PM — Patriots will gather near Dallas at the The Bedford Boys Ranch in Bedford, Texas. Click here for location and directions. Be sure to check the meeting schedule or the Texas WTP Congress home page this weekend to verify the anticipated 1 PM start time.


Three delegates from each state will assemble to discuss our constitutional problems and to agree on a course of action to cure the problem.
We are asking the people in each State to nominate and then choose up to three individuals to represent the People from their state.
The Delegates will assemble for at least two weeks in Philadelphia.
The nominees must have a proven passion for the Constitution as authors, scholars, or activists. They should be of established respectable character if not “pillars of the community.”
The nominees must be without felony convictions and preferably be clear of problems with the IRS (we cannot afford to make it easy for people to paint the delegates with any kind of brush, such as “tax-protestors”).
The nominees should be able to cover their expenses associated with the undertaking, either on their own account or with the assistance of the people from their state.
Most importantly, the Delegates must understand that the delegation’s primary objective will be settling on a course of action to cure the problems we have with our rogue Government. That course of action may well be the withdrawal of support by the People from the federal Government until their Grievances are Redressed, coupled with the simultaneous submission to the Governors and Legislatures of each of the 50 states of model statutes to revitalize the well-regulated State Militias.
Next week we plan to release an on-line nomination system to collect and organize delegate nominee information. Central to that procedure will be the requirement for nominees to submit brief statements disclosing his/her professional experience & educational background as well a personal statement discussing his/her commitment and views regarding our escalating constitutional crisis. Nominees will also be asked to submit a relatively small “head and shoulders” personal digital photograph.

Parties interested in potentially serving as delegates to the Continental Congress 2009 should begin to organize their thoughts along these lines so we can post qualified nominees on the website ASAP in early January. Potential nominees should begin to consider and plan for the serious personal commitment and possible resource expenditures necessary to participate for the full duration of these historic proceedings.

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