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What if you held a gun ‘buyback’ and nobody came?

December 30, 2008
Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner
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We’ve talked a few times about so-called gun “buybacks” in the past two months, probably because the ones in Akron and Cleveland provided such fertile ground for discussing what doesn’t work at reducing urban crime.

We saw how such foolishness is repeated throughout the land, and even saw the rather remarkable, if completely unbelievable claim, that Tre Crips members in Denver were anxious to turn in the tools of their trade.

So how did that work out? Not very well, I’m afraid.

Gun buyback organizers irked by lack of support

It seems organizers didn’t have enough money to fund the event, and people “were turned off to the idea of just donating their guns.” So they just left and took their guns with them.

But what of the civic-minded Tre Crips? What happened to the six who told event organizer Alvertis Simmons they “were tired of the violence” and wanted “to turn their guns in”? Or what of members of rival fraternities who keep the Denver Police Gang Bureau busy?

I can’t help but wonder how many made it to the weekend E-40 concert

Five people were injured in a shooting early Saturday after a Bay Area rap legend performed in a Denver nightclub with a violent past, police said.

If only we had better funded “buybacks”…



Speaking of “buybacks”…

This one struck me as funny in a “That’ll teach ya” kind of way. The turn-in event ran out of gift cards, but the police didn’t tell people until they had the guns, and then kept them anyway. They did, however, promise receipts if you showed them some ID.

Of course, they’d also promised anonymity and “no questions asked”…

Good luck with the next one.


Gun Rights Examiner going national

Starting in early January…

You can read my WarOnGuns announcement here.

I’ll have more to say about this in coming days. Suffice it to say we’ve demonstrated to the good folks at that gun rights commentary translates into readership, and they’re receptive to more. And it only took us two-and-a-half months to do it.

Don’t worry, Cleveland–we’ll still be represented with a new Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner, one who will be familiar to many of you.

These are exciting times for getting a forum for the “pro-gun” message in front of a general audience. And this is only the beginning…

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