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December 30, 2008
Don Stott

As government grew, thanks to the influx of dollars through the income tax, it became an entity all its own, with absolutely no regard or consideration of its subjects or their wishes. It then did, and still does, as it damned well pleases, and most of what it does, is at orders or influence of the largest contributors to its elected officials. Examples are not difficult to find.

Could government have gotten out of control, literally, as it now has, if it hadn’t gotten the dollars to finance itself? It started with the income tax, but proceeded to ever higher taxes for ever more of the populace, ordering the turning in of gold to back more dollars to further enlarge itself, placing taxes on fuels, telephone calls, real estate transactions, electricity, travel, and hundreds of items used by everyone, every day. Now, it can print all it needs, and we all pay with inflation, an unavoidable, universal tax. A bit over 60 years ago, Professor Harry Elmer Brown said, “The great majority of Americans today have known only a world ravaged by war, depressions, international intrigue and meddling, the encroachments of the police state, vast debts, crushing taxation, and the control of public opinion by ruthless propaganda.”

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