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Politically Incorrect……..and PROUD Of It

December 30, 2008
Mountain Home News

political-correctnessAmong my video collection, are several hours of old car commercials from the 50’s and 60’s. I enjoy watching them from time to time, because they take me back to a much happier era of my life.

Watching a couple of them the other day, I started thinking about “how far out of sync” I’ve become over these past couple of decades……….but I’m not sure that’s a BAD thing, though……….and this is what I find…….

  • If I want to see our borders sealed for our own protection, I’m a “racist.”
  • If I want to see forign aid STOPPED and put Americans first, I’m “heartless.”
  • If I demand the same media scrutiny for the OTHER candidate, as they hammer OUR guy with, I’m “mean-spirited.”
  • If I speak out against the One World Order U.N., I’m an “isolationist.”
  • If I demand EXECUTION for some pervert who just raped and dismembered a little 5 year old, I’m “inhumane.”
  • An American can’t own property in many other countries, including Mexico, but if WE refused to sell land to anyone but Americans, there’d be lawsuits.

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