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Beyond Redemption

December 30, 2008
Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

I believe that Barack Obama is not the man of perdition. I believe that he is a Marxist, a godless secularist, and that he will continue many of the failed policies of the Bush administration, especially in regard to disastrous and ill conceived economic rescue efforts, a failure to endeavor to make society a cohesive structure of people with common interests and goals, and a continued program for open borders and undocumented and unrestricted immigration.

Mr. Obama, like George W. Bush, is a diversity freak and an iconoclast who sees no good or worth in the established traditions and historical values upon which the nation was built, he prefers a fragmented society of splintered social groups each pursuing selfish interests and with no sense of belonging to the whole of society as a part of a cohesive amalgamation of a united people with selfless goals and altruistic endeavors. Such thinking has transformed a once splendid republic into a rabble-rousing democracy.

Also like Mr. Bush, the president-elect finds the Constitution unfriendly to government control of the masses. The provisions thereof, which set forth stipulated guarantees that ensure the protection of individual liberties from encroachment by a despotic government, are viewed as being not applicable in this the new age. Rather than a society of people with immunity from an arbitrary and despotic exercise of authority by the government Mr. Obama sees it as a society in which individual rights must be suppressed to enable the government to meld all of the people into a socialist mold. The constitutional rule of law in this nation is no longer used to pursue justice, but rather as a tool to bludgeon the people into submission to the authoritarian decrees of a totalitarian government.

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