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Obama and Illegal Immigration – Will Napolitano Really Be Tough on Enforcement?

December 27, 2008
Family Security Matters

Ever since Barack Obama announced he would nominate Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to head the Department 0f Homeland Security, pundits have depicted her as “tough” on illegal immigration. For example, columnist Georgie Anne Geyer (who has written many good pieces in the past on the damage resulting from the failure to secure American borders) seems to have bought the Democrat Party spin about how determined Napolitano is to secure the border and fix everything else that is wrong with current U.S. immigration policy. Geyer declared that Napolitano has opposed “the politically correct parlance that has so perverted our nation.”

For example? “Look back at her record,” Geyer wrote. “Miss Napolitano has tested unique immigration policies and programs in her 15 years of public service to a state being overwhelmed by illegal aliens. She was the first governor to call for National Guard troops on the border, and she has repeatedly called for Congress to deal with comprehensive immigration reform, not just enforcement.”

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