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Illegal immigration shortchanges citizens

December 21, 2008
Lois Culhane
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I am continually amazed at the audacity writers such as op-ed columnist Ruben Navarrette who say illegal aliens are being shortchanged in the U.S. (“Obama administration likely to shortchange Latinos,” Nov. 12.)

Illegal aliens cost U.S. citizens $320 billion per year, according to the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform. They deserve nothing. What is fair about that for American citizens? They receive free health care at all of our hospitals which they are successfully bankrupting. Our schools are overcrowded by their children. They bring the same thing to the table in their countries as here: gross overpopulation, minimal education (average education of a Mexican is sixth grade or that of a 12 year old), zero job skills and a willingness to break any law that is a hindrance to them.

The people who have been shortchanged are American citizens who have been lied to by self serving-politicians such as U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg and Reps. Frank Pallone and in my district, Rush “to make them all legal” Holt.

Giving amnesty to people who don’t deserve it is treason. The people who are being shortchanged are legal American citizens and workers. The AFL-CIO is more than right in saying that Americans don’t need to lose jobs to illegals. What we need is strict enforcement of our immigration laws. If the system is broken, why does it work for those who come here legally?

Navarrette complains about work place raids that have caused “so much disgust in the Latino community.” Not the Latinos I know. All of my Latino friends are here legally and obey the law. They are also professionals who add, not detract, from our quality of life.

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