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Republican Party Sinks Deeper Into Oblivion

December 20, 2008
Christopher Manion

Blaming the party’s collapse on “ideology,” RNC chairman Robert M. Duncan announces a return to “ideas” that will propel the party to future victories.

Mr. Duncan does not mention the GOP’s rampant corruption. Or George Bush’s disastrous destruction of the party’s credibility (or “brand”). Or the illegal, immoral war. Or the GOP’s swarm of “experts” slopping at the government trough. Or the war-profiteers (more self-designated “experts”) who even today are paid to make the war last longer. No mention of the neocons, Doug Feith, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Richer Perle … just vapid inane nonsense.

What about the good stuff? Zip, Zero, Nada. Not one word from Mr. Duncan about the Constitution. Nor about Ron Paul, whom even the clueless GOP should recognize as its only source of sound ideas — ideas that have been proven correct in practice before our very eyes. And “Thou Shalt not steal” doesn’t merit a mention either.

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