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America would not listen

December 20, 2008
Dale L. Neill

For over fifty years Christian talk radio was telling the American people about this coming collapse of American; of the destruction of the economy and the shredding of the American constitution; it now is a coming fact.

The foolish that was taken in by the rhetoric of that smooth talking illegal alien who was born in Kenya and not a citizen of this country; his birth certificate is not available because he refuses to release it to the American people; his university records are sealed because they would show that he is a foreigner.

We are now in the process of loosing our county to the world bankers; and the industrialists that at one time was American because the Americans built those corporations into the great companies that they are today; built by Americans, but now greed and the selfish need for power and wealth has taken its toll.

The American workers at one time needed the union as protection against the ruthless management practices of almost slave labor in the shops, but that has long since been ruled against the law by our congress, but the unions are now more powerful then the old management types and are sucking money from the corporations as retirement benefits for the retired workers. I am not saying that all retirement benefits should not apply, but how much is enough?

Because liberals have made it easy for the unions to bum from the government worker; those wages and benefits are now like the industry outside of government is going through the roof without any control because the unions have purchased the senators and congressmen with great campaign contributions: a very sick system of power grabbers. The unions are controlled by communists or socialist.

Most senators and congressmen “women” have over stayed their welcome and should be replaced by none lawyer types that know how to work and do a good job for a six month period of time each year; those unjust and misplaced laws that are being enacted each year is nothing but feather bedding for the already rich.

Yes; America would not listen to those voices that decried the coming disaster that will destroy this country and its Christian heritage; its constitution is already a thing of the past as the Supreme Court refuses to hear the facts concerning the truth about that pretender to the “throne.” A smooth talking weak politician that begets his “power” through the voices of unscrupulous rouges; whether it be his communists mentor in Hawaii; his church leader or his friends that likes to blow up things up and kill people or even his friend that cheats the poor and is now on his way to prison. That is if he isn’t pardoned by that pretender.

Will we ever get our America back? That is a question that only God has the answer to. As part of that answer is in the support of the existence of Israel. If America turns its back on Israel and their enemies attack that tinny country and prevail until God intervenes and victory is assured, but America and all of the enemies of Israel is doomed.

The bible; the written truth from God is still ignored by our leaders; and therefore we are following the false teaching of the new age and Muslim religions that is assured way of destruction for this great country that God blessed for over two hundred years.

Prayer to God through Jesus Christ is our only answer.

Dale L. Neill

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