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For thirty pieces of silver

December 18, 2008
Dale Neill
via email …..

Out of Texas he came riding and not on a great white charger, but the pale horse of death; all America thought that he was the honest answer to the Clinton sell out to the Chinese and corruption never seen before in the White House this includes the womanizing of J. F. K.; the fiscal Bay of Pigs invasion, the Kennedy/Johnson war in Vietnam and then Johnson and his micro managing of that war, only to lose after the killing of over 50,000 American soldiers.

Yes! Mr President Bush of the George Herbert Walker family of old who again was sneaking a fuel additive to the Nazis during World War 2 for their war machine also to kill off American soldiers and now that you have Bush-whacked America; all Americans our great constitution and our great Holy God; whom in the end will see Justice done, your phony faith and going to church on Sunday is nothing more then a posada, a veneer to fool the foolish.

There are a great many Americans who really believe and have faith in the God of all creation; his Son our savior Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Regardless of your treacherous actions; God will have the final word on this sell out and many other things that has not come to light as of yet. Because of your dishonesty and betrayal of those that trusted you will never forget; like those dishonest people before you will always be remember for their ways.

The agreement with Canada and Mexico to merge into one super state is Globules in nature and a one world government man and are the tools of Satan and his hoping to conquer the whole world to serve his Satanic ways, but there again God will most certainly have the last word.

What surprises me the most is your secretive way of making that super state deal with out the knowledge of congress or even the American people where as both should have been in one this because it concerns all Americans for ever, so putting that into focus we now can discern that you wanted to sneak that deal through to the point that it could not be stopped, but because of some true patriots action we found out so if there are more good solid American patriots in congress this treacherous deal will be stopped and you just might be impeached for your cowardly acts.

The selling out of our country; its people and its constitution is unforgivable to say the least; you deserve a prison term, but we no longer have the honesty in government that would see it as treason as what Clinton did and was not put in prison for his action because Bush is of the same caliber; that is; no morals at all.

Now I ask you! Why did you do such a thing? Is it for those thirty pieces of silver that you betray all of us who voted for you not once, but twice and you made all of us who trusted in you look like fools and perhaps we are now, but we can change this if we have a few who will now do the right thing for our children and grand children, they must hunt down the facts and put you behind bars where you belong Mr. President Bush.

By Dale L. Neill of Lewiston, Idaho
November 20, 2006

May the God of all creation guide and protect us Americans in the coming future
For our enemies are great and in high places, and now only God in his wisdom and power can give us the help that we need in these very trying times. In Jesus Holy name we pray. A-men

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