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Exclusive: Is Obama’s Immigration Stance Change You Can Believe In? Don’t Bet On It

December 18, 2008
Michael Cutler

I am alarmed by the selection of the “experts” that the Obama transition team is bringing on board to address the immigration crisis confronting our nation.

One of his advisors is T. Alexander Aleinikoff, former executive associate commissioner for programs, was one of the key administrators in a disastrous program known as Citizenship USA that was implemented by the Clinton administration in 1996 – just three years after the terrorist attacks at the CIA headquarters in January 1993 and the bombing at the World Trade Center Complex in February of that year.

The attack at the CIA was carried out by Mir Amal Kansi, a citizen of Pakistan who had been granted political asylum. His rampage on that January morning – during which he fired an AK-47 into the vehicles of CIA employees reporting for work – left two of those officials, Frank Darling and Dr. Lansing Bennett, dead and three others seriously wounded.

It was determined that Kansi had apparently committed fraud in his application for political asylum.

The next month, the attack at the World Trade Center left six people dead and hundreds injured. An estimated one-half billion dollars in damage was inflicted on that complex.

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