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Criminals for gun control

December 18, 2008
Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

Because of efforts in Cleveland and Akron, we’ve spent some time in this column discussing those most futile of gestures, gun “buybacks.”

Let me now tell you about one in Philadelphia, or more specifically, about its sponsorJoseph Mammana:

Sentencing has been postponed until February for a felon-turned-philanthropist who faces prison time on a federal gun charge.

…He had sponsored a gun buyback program…

Wait a minute…he wanted you and me to turn in our guns, but when it came to his own protection he kept “a loaded handgun in a master-bedroom nightstand”?

There’s a word I’m thinking of, hyp…hypo… I just can’t think of it right now, but I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Thing is, we can find plenty of examples of criminals for gun control.

For the rest of the story …..

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