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Why I Am A ‘Conservative’

December 15, 2008
Harris R. Sherline

It’s no surprise, I’m sure, that I am a registered Republican. However, I consider myself more a “conservative” than a Republican. For me, it’s more about principles and values than it is about political party. I don’t have a particularly strong allegiance to the Republic Party, whereas I am an avid believer in Conservatism. If a true “Conservative” party were to emerge, I would change my registration in an instant.

That said, my reasons for being a “Conservative” are primarily based on what I believe are the differences in the core beliefs of Liberal and Conservative adherents, which are founded on their respective philosophies about human nature, what motivates people, and how to best organize the economic activity of societies.

Liberals generally tend to believe it is wrong for people to accumulate wealth or to have income substantially in excess of their individual needs. Their core concept is that, in general, everyone should derive the same or similar benefits from the available resources, which are finite, thus requiring government to be organized as a top down structure of decision-making. This in turn limits individual freedom of choice. They also believe societies work best when they are organized around this principle, with command and control authority concentrated at the top.

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