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The Illegal Alien

December 14, 2008
Dale L. Neill of Lewiston, Idaho

The Illegal Alien

O alien whose life and living is always shady and with dubious ways
Life is always exciting in Chicago where evil is in and good is out
Shake down rackets are in practice for three hundred sixty five days
Whether it is in a church or a high up politician with much clout

It seems that this foreigner has many big shot friends in high places
Some terrorists and others just criminals but all should be in jail
Even a big shot slum lord was cheating the very poor in many cases
Others can get you the right to vote even if you are out on bail

Even the history of any town is known by the company that it keeps
That big criminal king pin Al Capon showed Chicago the way
What else is that illegal alien up to while Chicago and America sleeps
Why he wants to be your president on a January twentieth day

O happy days are here with the governing body of Clinton retreads
With so much corruption for they seem to know every trick
Having a record of dishonesty will have our government in shreds
This Teflon don where all of his evil ways do not even stick

Somewhere somehow this phony great man will indeed have to pay
Destroying a great and God blessed country like America
Thinking he and his Godless millionaire friends will have a field day
That phony riding in a 747 jet the very pride of America

Perhaps the Supreme Court will make a decision and save the day
Throwing that bum and all of his racketeering buddies out
Saving our wonderful land and the one true God to whom we pray
Preserving our America the Supreme Court has that clout

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