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“If Officers Don’t Enforce Treason, It Won’t Get Enforced” by Officer McLamb (Ret)

December 12, 2008
Dave Bertrand

Karl Marx’s objective in life was to “dethrone God and destroy Capitalism,” the Hallmark of our current economic crisis in the United States and around the world. Disguised as the “International Order” a.k.a. the “New World Order” for world peace and prosperity is a lie, and perpetuated by treasonous criminals within our government, associated with world leaders and financial mega-maniacs.

“Operation Vampire Killer 2000” written by a highly decorated retired Phoenix police officer (Jack McLamb); his radio show is heard on the Republican Broadcast Network (RBN) every Sunday between 12 noon and 2pm CST on micro-FM stations nationwide, or online at

Officer McLamb details a very impressive message to all law enforcement officers around the world, but in particular, to officers within the United States. He wrote “Operation Vampire Killer 2000” before 9/11 and is a chilling look at what Americans are experiencing today and gives law enforcement a choice. It is a call to duty by law enforcement officers against the New World Order, and to every American citizen, to understand what is at stake and how it came about. Understanding the philosophy behind the New World Order and the expected results for absolute tyranny, will give you an inside look at how we as a country can effectively stop them, or at least slow the loss of sovereignty and liberties.

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