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Dictatorship USA: The American Sky Has Fallen

December 11, 2008
William Gheen
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alipacIt is with a heavy heart, and continued resolve to fight onward, that I issue today’s announcement.

A bloody civil war rages in Mexico with over 5,000 killed so far in 2008, including many Americans and just this week, the major newspapers in America finally told the public about it. With little fanfare or press coverage, Canada has descended into a dictatorship as Prime Minister Stephen Harper has used an obscure provision to shut down the Canadian Parliament, to avoid the equivalent of impeachment, two months after he was elected. Can you picture Bush dissolving or dismissing Congress, to avoid removal from office? The equivalent just happened in Canada this week!

France, Spain, Italy, and now Greece are being rocked by riots that involve illegal aliens, now dubbed “immigrants” by the western media or “guest workers” by the governments like France that put their illegal aliens on their version of the McCain, Obama, Bush “path to citizenship” plan.

Today, we received more news that should make it clear that America is no longer a Republic or Democracy. It should be clear that most of our Homeland Security and Immigration Enforcement is nothing but a sick joke perpetrated at great expense of money and lost liberties from the American public.

First we learn that Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff has been hiring illegal aliens through a firm to clean his house. Even though the Secret Service says they ran security background checks on all the employees, the illegal aliens passed with flying colors. Hey, Osama Bin Laden, got anyone in your cave who would like easy access to Michael Chertoff’s home office, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms? All any terrorist or espionage agent from any nation needs to do is to enter the US illegally and apply for a job at James D. Reid’s company Consistent Cleaning Services in Maryland.

This company also did work in the DC homes of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright. If you are just a worker, a spy, or a terrorist, come right on down. Those with Tuberculosis or criminal backgrounds will not be discriminated against, since only LEGAL immigrants go through those checks. Just try to control your cough, when cleaning the dishes and make sure you leave your criminal conduct at the door please.

Michael Chertoff should resign, be arrested, and charged for hiring illegal aliens, gross misconduct, and neglect of duties during a time of war.

That jackass can’t secure his own home from illegal aliens, much less the Borders of the United States.

Meanwhile, over at the White House, dictator Bush the “decider” of which laws he will or will not enforce signs an Executive Order in the middle of the night that will opening the flood gates on farm worker H2A visas.

Now, the Constitution says that the Congress is supposed to set our immigration laws, but don’t mind that. Congress was not consulted or asked to approve these drastic changes to bring a flood of new ‘guest worker’ immigrants into America. Congress will be asked to rubber stamp it later because big Globalist corporations have already decided for us how it going to be and the horse and pony pretend we’re a Democracy show over in Congress can legitimize what is already being done later, or not.

Right now, the Congress is busy passing highly unpopular bailout bills to put every American and future generations so far into debt, that we will all be taxed like slaves in an iron fist, to pay and pay with little in return. The Federal Reserve and White House have already committed most of these funds, they just want Congress to rubber stamp the billion dollar corporate looter giveaways to the illusion America is still America and continue a bit longer.

Thank God again for Lou Dobbs, for being the first person in the Main Stream Media (MSM) to report on these dictatorial moves by Bush. Let’s hope that some of those propaganda writers at all the newspapers that are about to shut down, take notice of his growing audience. The biased, corporate, and liberal newspapers are dinosaurs of the past, and reporters like Dobbs who actually reports the facts quickly to the public are the future.

While the news that Chertoff is above the very laws he has sworn to enforce and has allowed illegal aliens in lawmakers’ bedrooms is explosive, and Bush moves on his own to flood the country with more bodies, by an Executive Order for a new Guest Worker program, which Congress rejected are bad enough, there’s more.

The Lou Dobbs Show transcripts from the night of Wednesday, December 10, 2008 contains even more shocking news.

For the last four years, ALIPAC has reported that LEGAL immigration levels are at historic highs near 1.6 million per year. That level is more than any other nation on earth and more than most other nations on the earth combined!

At these levels, legal immigration and illegal immigration has created the largest short term movement of people on the globe in human history, predominantly from Central and South America, into the US.

So imagine our shock when we spotted the following information in the Dobbs report.

“It’s not clear how many guest workers were admitted to the U.S. last year, but the State Department issued roughly two million guestworker visas in fiscal year 2008”

Two million? Two million! Two million!?!?!?!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, or immediately medicate and institutionalize me, if I’m imagining things but does this mean that legal immigration levels have been expanded to over 2 million, without Congressional approval or any significant discussion in the American media or the knowledge of our citizenry? Do these numbers include the almost 1 million permanent resident green cards given out annually as well?

Either someone on the Lou Dobbs Show or the State Department has made a mistake, or…

The Bush administration has proceeded via Executive fiat to accomplish the expanded flood of immigration he sent Chertoff to lobby the Senate for last year before the plan was rejected.

If the latter is the case, then we now live in a dictatorship with only the illusions of Democracy wrapped around it. Those taxed in America elected Representatives who have no influence over or knowledge of immigration policy, which means America is in a Constitutional crisis.

What should those of us who actually speak out for the super majority of Americans who say in polls they are opposed to these new types of authoritarian and secretive decrees do?

Should we call Congress and complain that their existing laws and Constitutional authority are as worthless as Confederate money? Should Bush be impeached? Arrested? Censored by the Congress? Should We The People of America bow down and grovel before our masters to restore the American republic and the Rule of Law?

The Executive Branch and many of the high roller Globalists on both sides of the aisle in Washington are sending the message to the American public that we don’t care what the Constitution says, what the current laws say, what the real polls say, or what our Constituents say, or what is best for the citizens of America, we serve other masters.

What are we going to do America? ALIPAC is dedicated to the peaceful and political resolution of our illegal immigration crisis and cooperation among all races in the effort. What should we do?

The sky has fallen in America and the American dream has turned into the American nightmare with citizens who stand numb, downgraded, apathetic, paralyzed, and misinformed, in front of a system that now dictates more than it listens and represents.

Who is willing to stand up with us and what do you feel should be done? The President isn’t listening, but I am. What do you feel ALIPAC should do or attempt to do about this on Monday?

Feel free to distribute this message, and all reasonable suggestions are welcome at Or you can post your suggestions and feedback at this link. Please read the articles below before commenting.

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  1. December 11, 2008 11:32 pm

    I can still remember when Philippines is also under dictatorship. Honestly, the status of the economy that time was much better compare today.


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