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Planned Parenthood Covers Up Under-age Rape

December 7, 2008
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New footage has been released showing a staff member of Planned Parenthood deliberately ignoring the statutory rape of a 13-year-old during an undercover sting operation. The staff member, after hearing how old the girl is and that the father is 31, tells the girl “I don’t want to know how old he is. Ok.” She then tells the girl about the Indiana state laws and tells her although the crime could be reported as rape and child abuse to the Indiana authorities, tells the girl she will not report it.

The supposed 13-year-old is actually Lila Rose, who is a UCLA student journalist and is the president of right-to-life advocacy group Live Action. The group collected hours of undercover video over the summer in a project they call The Mona Lisa Project. Rose says this is a widespread problem across the U..S. and ” . . . demonstrates how quickly the abortion industry’s disrespect for unborn children becomes disregard for all humans.” “Planned Parenthood offers no solutions for the victim of statutory rape – they give her an abortion and a bag of condoms and send her straight back into the arms of the abuser,” states Rose. See LifeSite News.

You may watch the video of Rose’s interview with Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor here.

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