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The shifting North American Unionized Map

December 5, 2008
Judi McLeod
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History is being rewritten before our very eyes by the Socialists of two nations

North America as we know it has changed dramatically since November 4, 2008.

First came the election of an unknown; a man only whose globalist elite masters know where he was born and in which direction he will be taking the liberty-loving United States of America.

Less than one month later, the proud Dominion of Canada is being laid siege to by an opposition-led coalition of the left. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, elected with an increased number of seats only six weeks ago, has a date with destiny at 9:30 this morning.

A beleaguered looking Harper, who addressed Canadians last night on television, promised to use “every legal means” to stop the Opposition’s move to unseat his minority Conservative government next week. It is his only means to end the threat of this overnight attempt at Government-by-Coalition.

In other words, Harper will be asking the governor general this morning to suspend Parliament until next month–giving him time to come up with the stimulus package, his power-lusting opponents not his electors, say he hasn’t delivered quickly enough.

Were it not for this drastic change in power for which nobody voted, it would have been laughable that New Democrat Leader Jack Layton, the man called “the Barack Obama of Canada” by colleagues, had tried unsuccessfully to horn in for his “cut of the television air time pie”. (, Dec. 3, 2008).

History is being rewritten before our very eyes by the Socialists of two nations.

Long after we’re all gone, what has happened in a short time-span before Christmas 2008 will surely give pause to the historians.

In more temperate times, the historians would be forgiven for mistaking the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace detailing the work of a moviedom George Soros and Maurice Strong as art imitating real life.

But only in the movies and not in real life do dramatic things happen overnight.

In reality, what has happened here and in the United States was long in the making.

Gradually over time, we elected politicians who cared not for the ecosystem of country Constitutions in comparison to their power lust. Somehow we didn’t seem to notice when government no longer worked for us, but us for them.

The average person was kept too busy coming up with the rent or the mortgage, too busy wondering why their children were learning not reading, writing and arithmetic, but how to become effective global citizens.

Politicians elected each term, by and large, got worse and worse until we reached a stage where they came not with altruism and leadership guiding their moral compass, but with teams of lawyers who could trash constitutions no matter how noble or time-honoured.

Along the way, we one day reached the level where civic politicians got to be very high handed. Instead of us being able to tell them to return from federal and international issues to take out the garbage, they told us to take out the garbage, and to put it in an increasing assembly of recycling bins.

The only real “change” politicians made manifest is the one where they no longer choose to hide their true intentions. The rats in the farmers’ barns no longer dive for cover in the loft when the farmer comes in.

They stand there boldly ready to attack the farmer and anyone else who questions their self-imposed authority.

It has reached a tipping point where politicians no longer feel a duty to serve the people, but only themselves and each other.

They are just like the “robber barons”, the term Wikipedia says that “revived in the 19th century in the United States as a reference to businessman and bankers who dominated their respected industries and amassed huge personal fortunes, typically as a direct result of pursuing various anti-competitive or unfair business practices.”

One long ago day, Government went out and began funding environmentalists, not true-at-heart ones who conserve the land against urban blight and pollution, but radical environmentalists like Greenpeace, who over time became as rich and powerful as any of the robber barons.

Governments caved into environmentalist demands on eminent domain issues that confiscated land on the glib alibi it was to protect endangered species, never recognizing human beings as endangered species.

Government catered more and more to the environmentalists and the unions that cheered them on until the car industry could no longer manufacture “gas-guzzling SUVs” and was driven along the road to the dead end of bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, our politicians skipped off into a safe zone where they are no longer held accountable, morphing us into a global economy where decisions are made globally. “Think globally, act locally” became the mantra of the moment decades ago. That “safe area” they ran to includes the model of the European Union, whose administrators choose to keep going when members ask them to slow down because they don’t understand what they are even voting on.

The little people who matter most watched the protest movement abandon the arena. When it mattered most for them to be there, they had scattered.

In Canada, we face the lies of Government-by-Coalition. In the US, what has been described as “the first Coalition President in 75 years”.

Both lie to the people of both nations.

The debut of Barack Obama has nothing to do with the colour of his skin, or even the station in his life. The world is not kind enough to produce political miracles. Obama’s decent brother, George Hussein Onyango, struggling in poverty back in Kenya is living proof of that.

“Canada’s Barack Obama” Jack Layton offers no true change for Canadians, his long record as a self-serving career politicians proves it.

Beyond both these arrogant activists, we all find out too late that the North American Union is just another term for One World Government.

Socialism, advocated by both Obama and Layton, has sucked the soul out of humanity wherever it was ever attempted, but that’s the road North America is now careening down.

Heaven help the people of both betrayed nations.

Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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