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The Untied States Of America – Disunited, We Thrive

December 4, 2008
Roderick T. Beaman
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There have been at least sixty Italian governments since World War II. Hardly a year goes by without some ruling prime minister or a coalition losing a vote of confidence with some kind of a resultant new election being held.

I’ve been told that when the Italians vote one government out, what they’re actually saying is that they want something other than what they have. The problem is that in that type of voting, you’re voting against something rather than for something else.

People rarely vote for a candidate. Bill Clinton won in 1992 because they were rejecting George H. W. Bush who had led us into a recession. Few then really knew who Clinton was. It’s hard to say whether Bill Clinton knows who he was or even is. Although he wound up having a fairly good record as president, there’s no doubt he was about the biggest opportunist to ever occupy the Oval Office. Barack Obama is even less well known that Clinton and maybe more of an opportunist.

I think the last time the people really voted for a candidate was in 1980 when they elected Ronald Reagan but even then there was a huge element of rejection of Pres. Jimmie Carter. Carter had been able to do nothing with the hostage situation in Iran and the country was saddled with record inflation and interest rates and high unemployment. Reagan was a known quantity having been the governor of the largest state in the Union for two full terms.

There’s a problem with voting against rather than for someone or something. Like John Kennedy once said, the essence of conservatism is that when there is no necessity to change, the necessity is not to change.

Something like that just happened in our elections earlier this month. Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was, “Change You Can Believe In.” He never really articulated what he was going to change and to what he was going to change it. He’s the emptiest of empty suits, I think another opportunist and, at least on the record, a Marxist one. There is no doubt that many people voted not for Obama but against McCain who was saddled with the albatross of George W. Bush.

When I studied the electoral map, I realized that there was a huge split regionally. A person could be set down in any of the contiguous 48 states that went for John McCain and drive to each of the others without going through any state that went for Barack Obama. There are two branches from West Virginian and North Carolina that meet in Tennessee and from there, one can just drive to all of the other McCain states and never have to go through the same state twice. See

It’s obvious that there is a regional split going on. New York and New England are firmly in the Democratic column while much of the interior South and interior West are Republican. The west coast is solidly Democratic.

The Virginias, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida have been swing states. This latter can be summarized as some Mountain States, the upper industrialized Midwest.

I think this also important for what I, and evidently others believe, is the coming crackup of the country into at least five different nations. Joel Garreau spoke about Nine Nations of North America in his book of the same title. The fault lines will emerge but perhaps not completely along those he thought. I think the regional tensions will intensify when Obama takes office.

Certainly New York and New England have a lot in common but most of New York State is not as convinced of its own moral superiority as is New York City and New England. With their five Ivy League colleges, all other sectors are benighted.

The West Coast is the capital of hip. From Microsoft, Grunge Rock and coffee of Seattle through the tree huggers of Oregon and Silicon Valley to Hollywood, they lead the nation in trends.

There is the nose to the grindstone industrial sector that Garreau called the Forge. The South, containing the Bible Belt, is an entity unto itself. Florida is divided between the South or Dixie and southern Florida. Even today, people from other sections drive through the South and think that they’ve been to another country. They have, it’s just that few know it yet. The secessionist spirit still flourishes and is growing.

There is also the Bread Basket, that huge swath of grain producing fruited plains that the purple mountains majesty rise above. Along with the Rocky Mountains they constitute a huge amount of natural resources and people who are routinely ignored by the others.

There are secessionist movements arising in every region of the country. The Confederacy never really formally surrendered and there are cells of activity arising across Dixie.

In Florida itself there is a movement to split it into North and South Florida. The northern half went for McCain and the southern for Obama.

Vermont wants to secede from the Union and resume the status of an independent country that it enjoyed for several years prior to joining the union. New Hampshire is the home of the Free State Project that wants to take over the state politically and establish a libertarian government. Staten Island wants to secede from New York City which wants to secede from New York State. Alaska has one and Sarah Palin’s husband was involved with it. Those are just the most prominent examples that I know of. I am sure there are many others.

And while there have always secessionist movements, this one is likely to get stronger because of the very thing that has fueled so many other recent grass roots efforts – the internet, which was not even a force just ten years ago. .

Here’s where I see the fracture lines developing. New England could likely split off somewhere along a line west of New Haven, Connecticut, up along the Housatonic River Valley to encompass most of Vermont.

A second fault line could develop along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania or along the Rappahannock. Dixies will encompass a lot of what the Confederacy was plus Kentucky, southern Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma, all areas with a Dixie/Bible Belt life style. The industrial Midwest and Middle Atlantic States could split off along the Great Lakes into a separate entity.

There is a movement to unify the American Southwest with the northern states of Mexico. Look for that to intensify. I am not too sure which way the Bread Basket and Mountain States would go but, especially the Mountain States with the federal government owning so much of their land area, they have their own unique gripes. The entire American West is a cauldron of seething cultural and historical resentment that it’s surprising it hasn’t exploded before now.

Barack Obama’s promised change is promising to be more of the same. Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton do not augur well for anything other than the familiar.

What tore the Soviet Union apart was the information age. People began to examine the Soviet Constitution and explore and exploit it. They started asking questions of their leaders. And then they tested the limits of what they could do and they got away with it. I think the same thing is happening here and will intensify.

Ironically, the dissolution of the country into separate units may be what ultimately keeps the people together. The idea of being Americans may be what unites us all in case of some overriding emergency. Also, ironically, that’s what the Constitution was supposed to be for.

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  1. December 4, 2008 10:35 pm

    Secession is not a bad thing. Free Talk Live is a 6 night per week radio show where both main co-hosts endorse secession. One of them even calls for personal secession.

  2. December 4, 2008 9:05 pm

    Larry Kilgore for Texas Governor 2010 – Secession!!!

  3. December 4, 2008 7:48 pm

    New Hampshire is the home of the Free State Project that wants to take over the state politically and establish a libertarian government.

    The FSP does not want to take over the state. FSPers just want to enjoy of the already very libertarian environment there and defend it against any authoritarian encroachments. :)


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