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Influx of Illegal Alien Minors Energizes Violent U.S. Street Gang MS-13

September 9, 2015

Judicial Watch


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illegal aliens - ms13

A government agency reveals that the nation’s most violent street gang has been energized by the barrage of illegal immigrant minors who have entered the U.S. through Mexico, confirming a Judicial Watch report last summer that gangs were actively recruiting members at shelters housing the new arrivals.

The tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, coined Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) by the government, came mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The Obama administration rolled out the welcome mat, quickly offering housing, food, medical treatment and a free education. The UACs have brought in dangerous diseases—including swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis— and have occupied our military bases as shelters. Many have been disbursed throughout the U.S., igniting a crisis for overwhelmed public school districts nationwide.

As soon as the UACs started arriving, Homeland Security sources told Judicial Watch that many had ties to gang members in the U.S. In fact, JW reported last July that street gangs—including Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13—went on a recruiting frenzy at U.S. shelters housing the illegal immigrant minors and they were using Red Cross phones to communicate. The MS-13 is a feared street gang of mostly Central American illegal immigrants that’s spread throughout the U.S. and is renowned for drug distribution, murder, rape, robbery, home invasions, kidnappings, vandalism and other violent crimes. The Justice Department’s National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) says criminal street gangs like the MS-13 are responsible for the majority of violent crimes in the U.S. and are the primary distributors of most illicit drugs.

Now the Texas Department of Public Safety confirms that the MS-13 has emerged as a top tier gang in Texas this year thanks to the influx of illegal alien gang members that crossed into the state last year. In a 19-page report, the agency writes that the number of MS-13 members encountered by U.S. Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley sector has increased each year, accelerating in 2014 and coinciding with increased illegal immigration from Central America during the same period. This clearly refers to the UAC crisis that saw over 60,000 illegal immigrants—many with criminal histories—storm into the U.S. in a matter of months.

Authorities in Texas expect the problem will only get worse. “Gang members from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador could be destined for locations in Texas with large Central American communities, including the Houston and Dallas areas,” the Texas Department of Safety writes in its report. Even if that doesn’t materialize, the state already has a serious gang crisis. “Reports of increased MS-13 gang activity have already surfaced in the Houston area,” the Department of Safety confirms. “MS-13 gang members are known for highly violent crimes, including brutal murders and dismemberments. Several recent crimes in Texas illustrate the criminal threat associated with MS-13.”

Here are some gruesome examples included in the agency’s report: “On September 15, 2014, the mutilated body of a 14-year-old middle school student was discovered in the woods near Houston after he was murdered with a machete.  Initial information from the investigation indicates the victim was a U.S. citizen and an MS-13 member who was murdered after trying to leave the gang. In October 2014, a 14-year-old and three adult males were arrested and charged with murder in this case. The adult males are from El Salvador, and at least two are documented MS-13 gang members.  In mid-August 2014, a 29-year-old 18th Street gang member was stabbed to death in Houston by a 16-year-old El Salvadoran member of MS-13. The victim suffered multiple stab wounds outside of a bar and was discovered a few days later in a bayou. According to investigators, the juvenile suspect revealed he illegally crossed into the U.S. in March 2014.”

Another huge concern is the relationship between street gangs and Mexica drug cartels, the report says, because it’s a very profitable partnership. “These groups pose the greatest gang threat to Texas due to their relationships with Mexican cartels, high levels of transnational criminal activity, level of violence, and overall statewide presence.” The lucrative gang/cartel business endeavors are also expanding into human smuggling and gambling, the Texas Department of Safety reveals in its report.

Captured: Convicted Burglar Deported 5 Times, Back in Texas

September 9, 2015

Ildefonso Ortiz


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Arturo-Oleague-MartinezA convicted burglar from Mexico with a history of repeated felony convictions and deportations is back in Texas. Arturo Oleague Martinez, 48, was arrested by federal agents last week at the county jail in this border city and taken before a U.S. Magistrate Judge. He was charged with one count of illegally re-entering the country.

Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby ordered that Oleague Martinez be held without bond for his court hearings.

Oleague Martinez had been last deported in November through Del Rio, Texas, after serving a 42 month prison sentence for being entering the country illegally while having a prior felony conviction, the criminal complaint filed by U.S. Border Patrol agents revealed.

State court records, from the border county of Hidalgo, revealed that in addition to multiple immigration violations since 1985, Oleague Martinez has been convicted on five different charges connected to burglaries of homes and businesses and a separate charge for burglarizing a car.

Court records show that the man has spent most of the last 30 years in prison both federal and state facilities.

According to court records, Oleague Martinez entered the U.S. in August 17, through the border city of Laredo. As Breitbart Texas has reported in the past, Laredo doesn’t have a border fence and the border enforcement in that area is sorely lacking.

Laredo is the same border city where Mexican drug traffickers shot down a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter, forcing the federal agency to begin using Blackhawk helicopters which are able to withstand small arms fire, Breitbart Texas reported.

That border city just north of the border from Nuevo Laredo, the stronghold of the hyper-violent Los Zetas criminal organization, who according to various law enforcement sources consulted By Breitbart Texas control with an iron grip the human smuggling and the drug trafficking.

Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Common Core-Aligned LGBT Curriculum

September 9, 2015

Dr. Susan Berry


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The radical Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has developed a Common Core-aligned “anti-bias” LGBT K-12 curriculum–which it says is meant to teach tolerance in schools.

SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance” project has joined with Perspectives for a Diverse America in designing a curriculum guide called “Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education,” which is a tool for “social-emotional learning” in the classroom.

Teaching Tolerance, according to the guide, is also a magazine that is “sent to 450,000 educators, reaching every school in the country, three times a year.”

“Tens of thousands of educators use the program’s film kits and more than 5,000 schools participate in the annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day Program,” the guide continues.

“As more and more emphasis is placed on improving academic outcomes, it can begin to feel as if there just isn’t enough time for relationship building and social-emotional learning,” states the Teaching Tolerance website. “But that doesn’t have to be the case.”

The curriculum guide trains young children and adolescents in identity politics and social justice.

Some of the program’s strategies include:

  • creating classroom environments that reflect diversity, equity and justice;
  • engaging families and communities in ways that are meaningful and culturally competent;
  • encouraging students to speak out against bias and injustice;
  • including anti-bias curricula as part of larger individual, school and community action;
  • supporting students’ identities and making it safe for them to fully be themselves; and
  • using instructional strategies that support diverse learning styles and allow for deep exploration of anti-bias themes.

The introduction to the curriculum guide states:

Perspectives for a Diverse America … is an online K-12 literacy-based anti-bias curriculum designed to help teachers deliver culturally responsive instruction while meeting the requirements of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy.

On its website, SPLC – which raises about $40 million annually in direct mail campaigns – lists 784 organizations it considers to be “active hate groups in the United States.” Last year, however, the FBI removed SPLC from its hate crimes website where it was once listed as a resource and partner.

In 2013, SPLC referred to the “Patriot” movement as “antigovernment” and one that was expanding “for the fourth year in a row as hate groups remain at near-historic highs.”

SPLC continued:

Capping four years of explosive growth sparked by the election of America’s first black president and anger over the economy, the number of conspiracy-minded antigovernment “Patriot” groups reached an all-time high of 1,360 in 2012, while the number of hard-core hate groups remained above 1,000. As President Obama enters his second term with an agenda of gun control and immigration reform, the rage on the right is likely to intensify.

Theresa Lucas-Hubbard, a board member of both Alabamians United for Excellence in Education (AUEE) and the Alabama Eagle Forum tells Breitbart News she attended a session promoting the Teaching Tolerance Perspectives for a Diverse America program in July that was sponsored by the Montgomery Public Schools. The session was taught by both Dr. Courtney Bentley, associate professor of University of Montevallo, and Mary Davis, special education teacher in the Birmingham City Schools.

Lucas-Hubbard said the anti-bias curriculum is free and teachers can sign up at Perspectives for a Diverse America to create a lesson plan. She continues:

When I signed up, I chose grades K-2-appropriate reading texts, and then formulated a question pertinent to a classroom situation. The teacher has a list of essential questions to choose from, such as, “What identities do I share with my family? What identities do I have that are different from my family?”

Lucas-Hubbard said that, from the drop-down menu of readings, she chose what was most popular, and she discovered that the first highlighted story in that category was 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. The book’s description at states:

Every night, Bailey dreams about magical dresses: dresses made of crystals and rainbows, dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows. … Unfortunately, when Bailey’s awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams. Quite the contrary. “You’re a BOY!” Mother and Father tell Bailey. “You shouldn’t be thinking about dresses at all.” Then Bailey meets Laurel, an older girl who is touched and inspired by Bailey’s imagination and courage. In friendship, the two of them begin making dresses together. And Bailey’s dreams come true!

This gorgeous picture book–a modern fairy tale about becoming the person you feel you are inside—will delight people of all ages.

Lucas-Hubbard continues:

Once a teacher asks a question and finds a relevant book or story, she can build a learning plan based on what she wants to get across to the class. It can be anything from a classroom discussion asking questions such as: “How did it make Bailey feel when his family did not support his wish to wear a dress? What could you do to help support Bailey?”

Classroom instruction could also include an activity that would involve all students playing dress up and choosing what type of dress each child would like to wear. The reading is linked back to the Common Core standards, showing transition words, sequence words, and the relevance of the vocabulary to human or civil rights. It will also tell you which of the four curriculum goals–identity, diversity, justice and action–are touched upon in the book or story.

“Children are being indoctrinated into the LGBT agenda without ever realizing what is going on and parents may never know about this type of reading/activity going on in the classroom,” said Lucas-Hubbard. “This program/curriculum is about indoctrinating our children and reducing emphasis on family and solid moral values by emphasizing tolerance for all despite societal norms.”

Lucas-Hubbard said that when she signed up for access to the curriculum, she was able to see how many teachers in the Mobile area were using it, and was surprised to discover the number of private schools on that list.

“This SPLC-sponsored program incorporates the goals of Common Core with the goals of those who want to change our traditional American culture and accomplish fundamental change in America,” she added.

DOJ: You’re Racist If You Ask Illegals For Papers

September 8, 2015

Kit Daniels


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Justice Dept. calls packing plant “racist” for verifying legal status of employees

Obama’s Justice Dept. has accused a meat packing plant of “discrimination” for asking employees to show proof of legal status, despite immigration authorities shutting down similar plants for hiring illegals.

Only 47% of Blacks at Berkeley Feel ‘Respected’

September 8, 2015

William Bigelow


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Ed. note: More of the “entitlement” attitude? I was always taught you earned respect. It was not something given to you!

Black leaders at the University of California Berkeley have decided to ratchet up their efforts at bringing more blacks to campus and making them feel more comfortable.

Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion developed a plan over two years to achieve the goals of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Claude Steele, African American studies chair, Na’ilah Nasir, and vice-chancellor for equity and inclusion, Gibor Basri,

Last week, the UC Berkeley African American Initiative was announced, as Chancellor Nicholas Dirks intoned, “For too long, African Americans on our campus have faced obstacles to feeling fully included in the life of our university.” He added that the initiative was “predicated on our collective determination to engage and improve the campus climate for African Americans across every sector of our community,” noting progress “cannot and will not happen solely as the result of administrative dictate. The success of this initiative will depend on effective and ongoing collaboration among all of us here on the campus and, crucially, our alumni and friends, whose support will be essential if we are to make good on our aspirations.”

Blacks comprise 3% of the undergraduate student body, 4% of graduate students, and 2% of the faculty.

The initiative was catalyzed by a 2013 survey that asserted that 47% of black students thought they were being respected. The initiative plans to raise $20 million for an undergraduate scholarship fund as well as to boost the number of black students on campus.

Both Nasir and Basri signed a letter to Barack Obama that claimed there was “systemic racial bias” in “too many of our law enforcement personnel.”

Marilyn Mosby Blames Baltimore’s Exploding Violence on Martin O’Malley

September 7, 2015

Warner Todd Huston


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In an interview with the City’s ABC affiliate, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby insisted that there is no connection between the recent social unrest and riots and the city’s growing murder rate. Mosby also blamed Democratic Presidential candidate and former Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley for setting the stage for this year’s mounting violence.

During the taping of the local show “Square Off,” Maryland Shock Trauma physician-in-chief Dr. Thomas Scalea said the worsening violence in the city “seems temporally related to the riots.”

But Mosby completely disagreed with that assessment. “I think the violence was already going up. When you look at January, it was already like 28 murders,” she said.

Mosby then went on to blame the city’s violence troubles on former Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley, who later went on to become Governor of the state and is now a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president.

Mosby claimed that O’Malley’s “zero tolerance” policies led to a climate of mistrust between residents and the police force and despite that O’Malley hasn’t headed the city for eight years, those sour feelings have somehow fueled the city’s violence this year.

“I think violence is cyclical, and I think we’re seeing the effects of policies that have not worked,” Mosby continued. “I mean, there’s a number of old policies that we are seeing the result of. That distrust of communities, where communities don’t want to step forward and say who killed a 3-year-old — it’s a direct result of these failed policies.”

Baltimore has experienced the most violent summer it has seen in some 43 years.

As August began the city had seen 189 homicides, outpacing the 119 killed at the same time last year. And with nonfatal shootings up as well, the city hasn’t seen this sort of violence since 1972. Forty-five were killed in July alone. Authorities say that there may end up being more than 300 killings in the city by year’s end.

“Square Off” will air in Baltimore on Sunday.

North Carolina and Utah Laws Allow Clerks to Refuse Same-Sex Marriages

September 7, 2015

Dr. Susan Berry


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While Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis is in jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, more than 30 magistrates in North Carolina have legally refused to perform weddings for gay couples.

As CBN reports, almost immediately after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, the North Carolina legislature passed a law allowing state officials to opt out of performing all marriages.

The law in North Carolina was specifically written for court officials with religious objections to gay marriage. Its sponsor, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said, “It’s keeping folks from having to choose between their job and their religious beliefs.”

“I think that’s important,” he added. “I think the law is working very well.”

Similarly, in Utah, Gov. Gary Herbert (R) signed a bill in March allowing state officials to refuse to marry any couples, including same-sex couples, for religious reasons.

As the Associated Press reported, the law requires a county clerk’s office to appoint someone else to marry all couples if a clerk opts out of performing a marriage.

Liberal PAC Pushing to Take Ronald Reagan’s Name Off Airport

September 7, 2015

Sandy Fitzgerald


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Former President Ronald Reagan, is shown in his office in the Century City section of Los Angeles, Ca., Feb. 5, 1990.  Reagan, the cheerful crusader who devoted his presidency to winning the Cold War, trying to scale back government and making people believe it was "morning again in America," died June 5, 2004.  He was 93.  (AP Photo/Bob Galbraith)

A liberal political action committee is pushing for Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport to be renamed after Republicans complained when President Barack Obama restored Alaska’s Mount McKinley name to Denali.

CREDO Action, a PAC backed by San Francisco-based cell phone provider CREDO Mobile, has posted the petition on its website, reports Fox News, and is pushing for 75,000 signatures. As of Saturday afternoon, just over 52,000 people had signed the petition.

The petition lauds Obama’s “small but important step” for recognizing the history and culture of Native Americans, “but right-wing extremists in the Republican party, including House Speaker Rep. John Boehner, don’t see it that way.”

Shortly after Obama renamed the mountain, removing late President Theodore McKinley, America’s 25th president and an Ohio Republican, from the mountain, Boehner and other Ohio Republicans began complaining that they were disappointed by the move. Republicans in Alaska, however, have generally supported the move.

CREDO Action, which says its mission is to fund progressive nonprofits, raised $4 million in the 2014 election cycle and spent $400,062 in congressional races, including $355,000 against Republicans, reports

There have been disagreement over years about the airport’s name. According to a Washington Post survey, 72 percent of Republicans call the airport “Reagan” or “Reagan National,” and just 35 percent of Democrats acknowledged the name.

The airport was renamed from Washington National Airport in 1998, under an initiative from Boehner and other Congressional Republicans.

President Obama Sets Troop Pay Raise at 1.3 Percent in 2016

September 5, 2015


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President Obama on Friday announced a 1.3 percent pay raise for military members next year, a level that’s less than what’s specified under the law.

The change to monthly basic pay will take effect Jan. 1.

“This decision is consistent with my fiscal year 2016 Budget and it will not materially affect the Federal Government’s ability to attract and retain well-qualified members for the uniformed services,” Obama wrote in an Aug. 28 letter to congressional leaders.

The presidential order is consistent with the Pentagon’s proposed budget for fiscal 2016, which begins Oct. 1.

Check out the current military pay charts

The spending plan called for a pay raise of 1.3 percent rather than the 2.3 percent estimated increase in private sector-wage growth, which military pay is supposed to track by law. The 1.3 percent figure is slightly higher than the 1 percent pay increase that service members have received the past two years.

While Senators on a key defense panel agreed with the administration’s military pay proposal, Republicans on the counterpart panel in the House of Representatives supported a higher cost of living adjustment for military members. However, they didn’t specify a figure in their draft version of the legislation and effectively left the decision up to Obama.

“I am strongly committed to supporting our uniformed service members, who have made such great contributions to our Nation over the past decade of war,” Obama said in his letter.

“As our country continues to recover from serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare, however, we must maintain efforts to keep our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course,” he added. “This effort requires tough choices, especially in light of budget constraints.”

Troop advocates have criticized military pay raises that aren’t consistent with the law. “Troops deserve the 2.3% pay raise,” Joyce Wessel Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association, an advocacy group based in Alexandria, Virginia, tweeted in May.

In its budget proposal, the Defense Department proposed limited pay raises for troops over the next five years, even though Congress sets the rate each year as part of the budget process. The spending plan calls for a raise of 1.3 percent in fiscal 2016 and 2017, 1.5 percent in fiscal 2018 and 2019, and 1.8 percent in 2020.

MS-13 Gang Member in U.S. Illegally Wanted for Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Murder

September 5, 2015

Breitbart News


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ms-13-armsU.S. immigration authorities on Friday deported a Salvadoran gang member wanted in his country in the slaying of a government prosecutor, officials said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement flew 21-year-old Javier Arnoldo Ceron Gomez from Mesa, Arizona, to San Salvador and turned him over to authorities, the agency said in a statement.

The case is part of a U.S. government effort to deport foreigners to countries where they are wanted for crimes if they don’t qualify to stay in the U.S. instead of seeking to formally extradite them.

“Violent criminals who believe they can evade justice by fleeing to the U.S. should be on notice – they will find no refuge here,” ICE director Sarah Saldaña said in the statement.

Immigration officials said they were notified by Interpol in June that the MS-13 gang member was wanted in connection with the March shooting death of Salvadoran prosecuting attorney Andres Ernesto Oliva Tejada.

Ceron was arrested a week later at a car dealership in Santa Ana, California, where he worked washing cars. Since he had entered the country illegally in April, he was placed in deportation proceedings, where a judge ruled he should be returned to El Salvador, ICE said.

Ceron did not have an immigration attorney, said Virginia Kice, an ICE spokeswoman.

Another suspect in Oliva’s slaying was previously deported, and two others are currently detained in the U.S., where they face deportation proceedings, Kice said.


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