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Virginia Judge Says Trump Order Is Not a Muslim Ban, but Actually Protects Citizens From Terror

March 25, 2017


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The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Linda Sarsour, a militant Palestinian activist, have lost their lawsuit against President Donald Trump over his immigration moratorium stopping foreign nationals attempting to enter the United States from six terror-tied countries.

Judge Anthony Trenga, who sits on the U.S. Eastern District Court of Virginia, said the president does indeed have the authority to protect the country’s national security interests.

“The President has provided a detailed justification for the Order based on national security needs, and enjoining the operation of [executive order] would interfere with the President’s unique constitutional responsibilities to conduct international relations, provide for the national defense, and secure the nation,” Judge Trenga said in his opinion.

“The President has unqualified authority to bar physical entry to the United States at the border,” Trenga added.

Several officials from the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) sued Trump over what they called a “Muslim Exclusion Order.” Officials listed on the docket have in the past expressed support for U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, cheered terrorist attacks, and campaigned against cooperating with the FBI.

In his 32-page ruling, Judge Trenga rejected that the moratorium is a “Muslim ban.”

The order “clearly has a stated secular purpose — to protect U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks,” Tenga said.

The moratorium — which was recently struck down by federal courts in Hawaii and Maryland — imposes a temporary stop on citizens from six terror tied countries — Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan — from entering the United States.

As Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz has explained, the courts do not have the plenary power to interfere with the president’s executive order, and other decisions concerning national security and immigration matters.

The Department of Justice said in a statement in reaction to the ruling: “As the Court correctly explains, the President’s Executive Order falls well within his authority to safeguard the nation’s security.”

CAIR, the radical group that brought the suit, will appeal the ruling, according to their lawyers from the far-left American Civil Liberties Union.

An additional lawsuit was filed against the Trump order in a D.C. federal court Friday. The Universal Muslim Association of America (UMMA) — an Islamic group funded in part by a foundation connected to the regime in Iran — says the president’s executive order is harmful to Muslims and inflicts “a damaging stigma upon them based on their religious affiliation.”

Vital Information ALL Americans

March 25, 2017



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This is a must read, and is possibly the best, simplest and most current explanation about the “war on the American people”. Constitutional lawyer Whitehead has gathered lots of good information (with 44 pages of footnotes!) documenting the increasing militarization and intrusiveness of the local, state and federal police forces and the military/industrial/media surveillance industry, and how we are on the cusp of a complete fascist state (a system of ‘national socialism’ where government and corporations are unified). All that’s needed now to make it complete is a charismatic leader.

The one fault here is the apparently rushed editing which leads to sometimes repetitious writing, but what he’s saying bears frequent repeating, as obviously most Americans have remained oblivious to the imminent threat that is clear and present from our own government. This may sound like a paranoid vision of reality, and while Whitehead does sometimes appear to be resorting to hyperbole, what he’s saying is all true and quickly moving from the rare and extreme to the norm.

“There was a time in our nation’s history when Americans would have revolted against the prospect of city police forces the size of small armies, or rampaging SWAT teams tearing through doors and terrorizing families. Today the need for ramped up, militarized police is largely sold to the American public by way of the media through reality TV shows, and by politicians well-versed in promising greater security in exchange for the government being given greater freedom to operate as it sees fit while running roughshod over the Constitution.” (p.148)


“Thus, while recycling unused military equipment might sound thrifty and practical, the ramifications are proving to be far more dangerous and deadly. This is what happens when you have police not only acquiring the gear of American soldiers but also the mindset of an army occupying hostile territory. With police playing the part of soldiers on the battlefield and the American citizenry left to play the part of enemy combatants, it’s a safe bet that this exercise in the absurd will not have a happy ending.” (p. 151)


“…Meanwhile, there are more than 1,100 people shot to death by police in America each year. According to the FBI, approximately 400 of these are “justifiable.” Compare that to Germany, a nation of 80 million, where police kill all of eight people. In Britain and Japan, with a combined population of 191 million, the police didn’t kill anyone.” (p. 173)

Wake up America! It is too late to nip it in the bud, but maybe not to resist it both lawfully and with civil disobedience and ultimately defund and dismantle it.


Fethullah Gulen, The Hand That Rocks America’s Charter School Cradle

March 25, 2017

Kelleigh Nelson


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“You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this … The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe.” —Fethullah Gülen June 1999

LTG Michael T. Flynn, our former NSA Chief, hoped to rid the country of Fethullah Gulen, and for good reason, the protection of American citizenry and especially of our children.

Fethullah Gulen

So, who is Gulen?  Why are American tax dollars funding his charter schools with no school board oversight?  Why is he allowed to bring thousands of Turkish Muslims into America via H1-B Visas, promoted heavily by the likes of Senator Mike Lee and others in Congress?  Why are his charter schools on our Air Force bases? And what is the connection of Gulen to the CIA?

The leader of the Gulen Charter schools has been hiding in the Pocono Mountains since 1999. The CIA will tell you he came here for “health reasons” but in truth he ran from his government and went into exile when he was accused of attempting to undermine Turkey’s secular regime in order to institute an Islamic state. He obtained his long time visa with the help of former CIA officials.

Sibel Edmonds explains how Gulen was brought into the United States during the Clinton Administration, and how Bill Clinton’s White House, the State Department and the Justice Department’s Janet Reno provided the infamous mullah and his terrorism-heroin operations with blanket immunity and protection.  Clinton’s hand-picked handlers, Graham Fuller and Mark Grossman, were selected to manage and direct Gulen’s cells in the U.S. and abroad.  Link

Gülen is a Turkish imam who started a worldwide network of charter schools to teach the principles of Islam. His massive wealth is estimated to be between $22-50 billion.  In building a sophisticated and well-funded worldwide network, including a substantial presence here in America, Gulen is following in the footsteps and exhortations of Mohammed, who counseled patience and deception (Taqiyya) as a means of overcoming the infidel when the power of the infidel was greater than the power of the umma, (the Muslim community).  This is called “Civilization Jihad,” and is more sinister and dangerous than the frontal assault strategy of al Qaeda and Hamas.

However, Fethullah Gulen, has also made radical remarks encouraging Muslims to destroy “infidels.”  His call for taking violent action against non-Muslims can be traced to the voice recording of a sermon which he preached in the 1980s.

Our Taxes Fund Gulen Charters

Gulen is educating more than 35,000 students in nearly 200 publicly funded schools, and makes up the largest charter school network in the United States. They promote an Islamic agenda, but receive government money, unlike other religious schools in the United States. These are the schools that are part of what is called Fethullah Gülen Community (FGC), also known as “the Gülen Movement.”

The U.S. Gülen schools receive public, state, and federal funds, but there is no oversight by the local school board. The Gulen charters are the 2nd largest charter chain in the US, second only to the rotten KIPP charters. The Gulen charters have been raided by the FBI many times.  American news organizations have done little to inform the public about the Gülen Movement, its schools, or any deeper significance or associated controversies. To date, only one news story has been produced by the mainstream press, USA Today’s, “Objectives of charter schools with Turkish connections questioned,” and it is rather weak.

Here is a list of Gulen charter schools, albeit it is from last year, but notice the variety of names for these charters.  The innocuous names like Chicago Math and Science Academy and Pioneer Charter School of Science, don’t inform the community that they’re run by an Islamic Mullah.

Gulen and H1B Visas

Gülen schools are among the nation’s largest users of the H1B visas. In 2009, the schools received government approvals for 684 visas – more than Google Inc. (440) but fewer than a technology powerhouse such as Intel Corp. (1,203), reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.  However, they may be facing harder times in the future.

Over the past 10 years, the schools have imported thousands of Turkish educators to work in the schools, most of them with ties to Gülen, who lives in a small Pennsylvania town called Saylorsburg.  The charters receive approximately $150 million a year in tax breaks and subsidies.  Government officials are increasingly concerned that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund a close-knit network of Turkish teachers and businesses using charter schools as a Trojan horse for embedding into the U.S. education system.

These so-called Turkish teachers who speak very little English and who have no teaching experience, come to America and teach for a bit and then disappear into American society.  It is inconceivable that our visa officers have approved thousands of visas for English teachers whose English is incomprehensible.  There are over 5,000 Turkish employees on H1B Visas.  And, unbelievably, the Gülen organization illegally threatens to revoke these visas unless the Turkish teachers agree to kick back part of their salary to the organization.

Gulen Charters on US Air Force Bases

Countries all over the world are forcing Gulen schools out because of his statements and ideology, but Americans are allowing his Islamic schools on our Air Force bases.  One has to wonder why.  Is it because these bases contain our fighter jets?

General Flynn said, “We are facing another ‘ism,’ just like we faced Nazism, and fascism, and imperialism and communism. This is Islamism, it is a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people on this planet and it has to be excised.”

Lawyer Robert R. Amsterdam, founder of international law firm, Amsterdam and Partners LLP, has been engaged by the Republic of Turkey (Erdogan)…to conduct a wide ranging investigation into the operations and geopolitical influence of the Gülen organization, which is behind the Coral Academy of Science and over 140 other public charter schools scattered across 26 American states.”

The Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas has a Gulen charter on the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Amsterdam says his firm’s investigation revealed that the Gülen organization “uses charter schools and affiliated businesses in the U.S. to misappropriate and launder state and federal education dollars, which the organization then uses for its own benefit to develop political power in this country and globally.”

Nellis AFB is a US military installation with military schools and more squadrons than any other USAF base, and hosts air combat exercises such as Exercise Red Flag and close air support exercises such as Green Flag-West flown in “Military Operations Area (MOA) airspace.” They are associated with the nearby Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). The base also has the Combined Air and Space Operations Center-Nellis.  One wonders if this is why the Gulen charter is located there.

Coral Academy successfully opened a school on Davis-Monthan AFB in 2009, and it tried but failed to gain access to Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois.  In California, Magnolia Public Schools applied for a charter in Oceanside, where Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is located, although it temporarily withdrew its application after Amsterdam’s law firm pointed out Magnolia’s connection to the Gülen organization.

Robert Amsterdam asks, “In light of Gülen’s modus operandi elsewhere, the Department of Homeland Security should be asking itself why such a non-transparent, religion-based organization would seek to establish itself on our military bases, teaching the children of our service men and women.”  This is the same thing General Michael Flynn was asking!

Seems the Gulen schools do not follow the law either.  The charter on Nellis AFB did not have a school nurse on site when a child broke her elbow at recess and was sent back to her classroom for the rest of the day.  Now they are claiming there is a nurse on staff.  Link

The CIA and Gulen

The plot to overthrow the current government of Turkey by the CIA was first started in 2008 by the US military-intelligence establishment supported think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (please check the link), whose board members are a “who’s who” of American military connected individuals, pharmaceutical companies, CFR members, and Socialist Democrats.  Their research papers advocated the United States creating what they call a “moderate Muslim” majority in the Middle East to battle Islamic extremists and whose target nation for this action was Turkey.  And Gulen was right there ready to help them.  So, is Gulen working for the CIA?

Graham Fuller, the former CIA Station Chief in Istanbul, and former handler of Fethullah Gülen, is allegedly one of the top American experts on Turkey and the Middle East. As a former CIA agent, he endorsed Gülen not only to enter the US, but to take up residence in the Pocono Mountains, and to then start over 100 charter schools.  All the while, Gulen collects our tax dollars and indoctrinates our children.

The Turkish media reported that none other than Gülen mentor, “former” CIA man Graham E. Fuller, along with another “former” CIA person and close Fuller associate, were some 20 minutes from Istanbul the night the of failed July 15, 2016 coup attempt which would have replaced President Erdogan with Gulen.  Fuller claims to have retired from the agency years ago, when he went over to the CIA-tied RAND Corporation.  An article by F. William Engdahl details Fuller’s long involvement with Gulen as well as his links to the two Chechyn brothers accused of the Boston Marathon bombing.  It has been reported that the coup plotters intended to whisk Fuller to Greece.


General Michael T. Flynn’s history in military intelligence, his knowledge of Islam, and the Gulen/CIA infiltration into America’s charter schools may well have put him at odds with intelligence insiders at the CIA, NSA and National Security Council.  It is my belief that this could have added to the impetus to eliminate the General from the Trump administration, not only by embedded Obama appointees, but also by some of the globalist players surrounding our new president.

Losing General Flynn was a great loss to the Trump administration and to all American citizens.

Important Links

NewsWithViews’ own Diane Kepus has done extensive research on Fethullah Gulen.  Her articles are an education in their own right, and should be read by every American who is concerned with our safety and the education of America’s children.

CIA Supporting the Islamic Indoctrination of our Children

Danger: Gulen Charter Schools and the Fethullah Gulen Movement – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Another fine researcher is Sibel Edmonds, who has also exposed Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools, the CIA connections, and more. [Link]


Questions for Judge Gorsuch

March 25, 2017

Andrew P. Napolitano


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I have spent this past week watching the Senate Judiciary Committee interrogating U.S. Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch is President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. The vacancy was created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia more than 13 months ago. The Supreme Court is currently generally divided between four liberals and four conservatives. As a justice, Gorsuch would probably break many ideological ties.

During the hearings, Republican senators are doing their best to associate Judge Gorsuch with the popular-in-death Justice Scalia, and Democratic senators are doing their best to try to pin down Gorsuch by making him commit publicly to positions on hot-button issues, such as abortion, gun rights and the use of unrestricted money in political campaigns. Gorsuch has accepted the Republican sobriquets and declined to answer Democratic inquiries with specificity. So, are the hearings of any real value?

Here is the back story.

Prior to the partisan efforts to block the nominations of the late Judge Robert Bork and now-Justice Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the Senate’s “advice and consent” role was mainly limited to a cursory examination of a nominee’s qualifications for office. The Bork hearings succeeded in derailing his nomination by portraying his philosophical views as outside the mainstream of legal thought. The Thomas hearings, which failed to block the nomination, centered on the nominee’s alleged personal shortcomings, which were directly challenged and mainly refuted.

My point here is that since these two hearings in 1987 and 1991, the Senate Judiciary Committee has felt unleashed to probe and prod into any area it sees fit, and the nominees have become unleashed to answer only the questions that they think will advance their nominations.

In the Gorsuch hearings this week, the nominee has argued that should he commit to certain positions on issues, it would not be fair to litigants who might come before him as a circuit judge if his nomination were not to be confirmed or before him in the Supreme Court if it were, as those litigants would have a proper belief that he prejudged their cases. “It would be grossly improper,” he argued, for him to commit in advance to how he’d vote on any issue. He’s correct.

So, what questions could both Democrats and Republicans put to him and what questions could he answer that would inform their judgment and illuminate his thinking without committing his judgment?

It should come as no surprise that Gorsuch is a traditionalist. The folks who offered his candidacy to the president — and I played a small role in that process — spent weeks examining all his public writings, as well as his speeches and lectures, so as to enable them to conclude safely that his 10-year track record as an appellate judge could fairly be a barometer of his likely behavior as a Supreme Court justice. In the process of that examination, the researchers found many similarities in ideas, tone, attitudes and word choice to Justice Scalia.

The essence of that similarity is an idea called originalism. Though there are many variants of originalism, it generally advances the idea that the meaning of the Constitution was fixed at the time it was ratified and therefore its words mean the same today as they did to those who ratified it; and the same is the case for its 27 amendments.

This fidelity to original public understanding drives judges to the text of the Constitution and the laws — not the principles that underlie the text, not the politics that produced the text, not the social ills the text seeks to cure but the words chosen by the drafters of the Constitution or of a statute, as the case may be. This is not just an obscure academic argument. Originalism, if followed religiously, leaves judges and justices to the narrow role of interpreting the plain text of the Constitution or laws as they were understood when enacted, irrespective of the consequences.

Originalists believe that social progress and new legal structures should come about by the acts of Congress and the president, who are elected for that purpose, rather than by the rulings of unelected, unaccountable judges. If every judge were an originalist, the effect would be that much wonderful social progress in human affairs that could come about through the decisions of courageous jurists — such as public school desegregation and personal privacy and mobility in years past — might not come about.

Yet originalists argue that federal jurists are the least equipped to advance social progress; they are often old, are never elected and have no accountability to the public.

Thus, it is on this philosophical fulcrum, more than on any other, that senators should examine Judge Gorsuch’s thinking. In this context, they can also ask him whether our rights come from the government or from our humanity. They can ask how he views fundamental liberties. Can the court pick and choose which rights are highly protected from government interference and thus are difficult for the government to regulate and which are not? If privacy and travel — neither of which is mentioned by name in the Constitution — are fundamental liberties, why isn’t freedom of contract, which is mentioned by name?

On these issues alone — originalism and fundamental liberties — the senators could find from his answers a blueprint to his thinking, and Judge Gorsuch could reply in meaningful ways without prejudging any cases.

But the Senate is a political body, and its members are politicians. One of the reasons Justice Scalia gave for rejecting as an interpretive tool the statements made by members of Congress when they passed any legislation under scrutiny is the truism that politicians have only one goal in their work, no matter what they are saying — to get re-elected. The senators examining Judge Gorsuch are probably more concerned with that than with doing the right thing for the court. I hope that in this respect, I am wrong, as I have been before.


Are Untested Combination Vaccines Killing Our Children?

March 25, 2017

Christina England


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It appears that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to cram as many vaccines as humanly possible into one syringe and advertise these combination vaccines as safe and effective. In reality, however, a growing number of medical professionals are concerned that administering too many vaccinations to an infant at one time increases their chance of suffering an adverse reaction.

This is especially the case for combination vaccinations, and it appears that the fears of medical professionals are justified, because, over the years, history has painted a very disturbing picture.

History Proves that Combination Vaccines are Unsafe

In October 2000, the 6-in-1 vaccination Hexavac was first licensed for use in Europe. The vaccine manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur was formulated as a combination vaccination that combined the diphtheria vaccine, tetanus vaccine, acellular pertussis vaccine, recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine, inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine and Haemophilus influenza vaccine in one syringe.

Just five years later, however, the vaccination was withdrawn from use by the European Medicines Agency for “commercial reasons.”  However, Dr. Klaus Hartmann believes that the vaccine was withdrawn for very different reasons. In a 2015 documentary, titled We Don’t Vaccinate – Myth and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns, he explained his reasons why. 

To pay for a link to the full movie click here. Watch in HD/1080p.

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USA – GB –

Dr. Hartmann worked for the licensing authority at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute and was in charge of vaccine safety. He was not opposed to vaccination; however, he was concerned about the aluminum adjuvants contained in vaccines and was especially concerned about the 6-in-1 vaccination Hexavac because he had noticed a massive increase in the number of children suffering adverse reactions. He stated that:

Here we had another problem with Hexavac. A pathologist had autopsied a child who had died two days previously, after getting the Hexavac vaccine. He found that the child had a massively swollen brain, something that he had never come across before in his career as a pathologist. Several other cases were mentioned; it was not just this one child.

This observation had raised Dr. Hartmann’s concerns, because, at the time, the vaccine had been licensed as safe in Europe. He explained that experts had discussed the vaccine in depth during meetings and they had decided that it was not wise to connect the vaccine to the deaths of these babies because politically, it was not considered, “a smart thing to do, to damage the public’s trust in vaccinations.”

Consequently, Dr. Hartmann resigned from his post, and a year later, the Focus magazine stated that the mortality rate among the vaccinated babies in the first 48 hours after a vaccination with Hexavac was 2.5 times higher than the average mortality in this age group.

A year later, Hexavac was taken off the market and disappeared forever. Within a few months, a study titled the Token study was published, which, according to Austrian investigative journalist Bert Ehgartner, was a scandal and in a class all of its own. He explained that:

Naturally people became very disquieted simply because the probability of death following a vaccination had been shown to triple, so there they sat in conference rooms, asking themselves how they could handle the situation. Fortunately, they had good advisors because these idiots at the Robert Koch Institute had their study financed completely by the vaccine manufacturers, which is why when all this happened they had to immediately notify their sponsors industry, for the more they wanted to have experts available for dealing with the public relations aspect of the vaccinations, they of course are employed by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

He continued:

The publication of the study results was delayed for two years, as the pharma industry had to hold numerous meetings and lectures to address the issue. Finally, they announced that everything was OK, that absolutely nothing unethical had happened, they simply reshuffled data and redefined parameters, they simply used statistics to make the link between the vaccinations and the casualties disappear.

Confirming the information that had been relayed by Dr. Hartmann, Rolf Kron, M.D., explained that the more comprehensive English version of the Token study mentioned that hundreds of deaths had occurred after the vaccination. He stated that:

When looking through the data bank of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, you will find very few deaths and suspected cases, listed. At the same time constant mention of the fact that it is still unclear whether these cases are really vaccine related.

If now for example, there is no increase in the number of deaths between the fourth and the seventh day after vaccination, then only this is mentioned in the medical papers. When however, we take a look at the days before and after this period to find out what the mortality rate is, we suddenly see an enormous increase.

In the shorter German version, it is only stated that the vaccines are safe and that multiple vaccines pose no significant risk of an increase in the infant mortality rate.

For more information on this vaccine, read: European Medicines Agency – Hexavac, and European Medicines Agency – Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use European Public Assessment Report (EPAR)

Another Lethal 6-in-1 Vaccine is Unleashed

In 2011, news leaked about another dangerous 6-in-1 vaccination, which had also been licensed as safe and effective.

Reports revealed that a confidential GlaxoSmithKline document had been leaked to the press, which exposed the fact that within a two-year period, a total of 36 infants had died after they had received the 6-in-1 vaccination, Infanrix Hexa.

According to the Initiative Citoyenne website, a 1,271-page document had revealed that GlaxoSmithKline had received a total of 1,742 reports of adverse reactions between October 23, 2009, and October 22, 2011, including 503 serious adverse reactions and 36 deaths. Initiative Citoyenne stated:

It’s not that 14 deaths were recorded by GSK between October 2009 and end in October 2011 as we had originally calculated but 36 (14 from 2010 to 2011 and 22 from 2009 to 2010). In addition to these 36 deaths at least 37 other deaths (sudden death mainly), bringing the total to at least 73 deaths since the launch of the vaccine in 2000, and again, this concerns only the death by sudden death, no further recovery of under-reporting.

Using the figure of 36 deaths over a two-year period, the figures averaged 1.5 deaths per month, which I am sure most will agree is extremely high. It should also be noted that only 1 to 10% of adverse reactions to vaccines are actually reported. Therefore, in reality, the problem could potentially be far more serious and the actual number of fatalities could have been much higher.

The Deadly Chemical Cocktail

The charts revealed that many of the infants who had passed away had died within the first few days of receiving the vaccine. A total of three infants were reported to have died within hours of receiving the vaccine.

This was hardly surprising, given the vaccination’s ingredients, which were listed on the GSK Infanrix Hexa product information leaflet.

Sadly, it is not only the 6-in-1 vaccinations that are believed to be killing our children, because according to reports, multiple deaths are also occurring after the 5-in-1 vaccinations.

Reports from India

Towards the end of 2016, a flood of reports from India revealed that 237 children had died after being vaccinated with pentavalent (5-in-1) vaccinations.

In November 2016, the website SundayGuardianLive published an article titled 237 deaths by pentavalent vaccine and still counting. The author, pediatrician Jacob Puliyel, revealed that after submitting a Freedom of Information report, they were shocked to learn that:

Under Right to Information we know that up to August 2016 there have been 237 deaths reported to the government here within 72 hours of vaccination with pentavalent. We examined deaths in states which were giving DPT and pentavalent vaccine concurrently.

As expected, the true figures were never revealed to the public and any link to the vaccination went from being probable to “unlikely” extremely quickly. He wrote:

There were three deaths following the use of pentavalent vaccine in Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka suspended the use of the vaccine. WHO experts investigated the deaths. They found there was a clear temporal association of the deaths to the vaccine (WHO terminology, meaning the deaths followed soon after vaccination) and there was no alternate explanation for the deaths. According to the standard protocol in investigation of vaccine deaths these deaths would have to be declared as ‘probably’ caused by Pentavalent vaccine. The experts balked at the prospect of giving such a report. No country would use this vaccine after that. Instead they wrote in their report that they were deleting ‘probable’ and ‘possible’ from the standard classification. The report maintained that although it was probably related to the vaccine, they were reporting it as “unlikely” to be related to vaccination. The full report was not published online, only the conclusion was made public.

He continued:

The full report was presented to the Delhi High Court in a vaccine case. Once this devious methodology employed by the WHO experts was known, it was exposed by the British Medical Journal.

Following the exposé, the WHO set up a 40-member committee called the CIOMS/WHO committee. 19 of the 40 were representatives of vaccine manufacturers with conflicts of interest. They developed a new algorithm for investigating adverse events after immunization, which decreed that any reaction seen first in Phase 4 trial must be ignored.

However, it appears that their lies eventually caught up with the World Health Organization (WHO), because the pentavac SD, the main pentavalent vaccination that was licensed for use in India, was manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

According to their website, the Serum Institute of India stated that:

Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. is now the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by number of doses produced and sold globally (more than 1.3 billion doses) which includes Polio vaccine as well as Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib, BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines. It is estimated that about 65% of the children in the world receive at least one vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute. Vaccines manufactured by the Serum Institute are accredited by the World Health Organization, Geneva and are being used in around 140 countries across the globe in their national immunization programs, saving millions of lives throughout the world.

Interestingly and crucially, however, the Serum Institute of India is not only accredited by the World Health Organization, but they also have an affiliation with the Gates Foundation, UNICEF and GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation).

On their website, GAVI stated that:

The GAVI Alliance provides vaccines to children in poor countries. It is a true alliance, including donors like Canada and the countries that receive vaccines, as well as organisations such as UNICEF, the World Health Organisation, World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the private sector.

Speaking on the pentavalent vaccination, GAVI stated that:

 Geneva, 30 July 2014 – The five-in-one pentavalent vaccine is being used in all GAVI Alliance-supported countries – now the race is on to increase coverage of the vaccine which protects children against five life-threatening diseases.

Pentavalent, which protects against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) as well as hepatitis B (hepB) and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), was first introduced with GAVI support in Kenya in 2001. South Sudan became the 73rd and final GAVI-supported country to introduce the vaccine on the 16th of July 2014.

However, it appears GAVI has more than a casual relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Careful research shows that they were the organization that actually set up GAVI Alliance in 1999.

The Serum Institute of India stated:

Nearly two million children in the worlds poorest countries die from preventable diseases every year because they do not have access to life-saving vaccines. The GAVI was established in 2000 to save children’s lives by expanding immunisation in poor countries. In its first ten years, GAVI-financed programs have immunised more than 280 million children, thereby saving more than five million lives.

Saving Children’s Lives: GAVI Alliance Pledging Conference for Immunisation was held in London on Monday in which city-based vaccine major Serum Institute of India has participated.

The objective of the conference was to bring together GAVI donors and partners. Vaccine manufacturers were specifically invited to demonstrate their active contribution to counter the financing challenge and making significant pricing and/or supply announcements.

This year, Serum has offered GAVI the pentavalent vaccine at $1.75 per dose. The vaccine was purchased by GAVI a couple of years ago at more than $3/dose. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, chairman and managing director, Serum Institute of India, said:

The mission to further children’s health in developing countries had been at the heart of the institutes business model right from when we started manufacturing life-saving vaccines at the lowest affordable prices and providing them to UNICEF and PAHO.

India Severs Its Ties with the Gates Foundation

In early 2017, Asianet Newsable announced that the Indian government had chosen to cut some of their funding ties with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their involvement with the Indian immunization program.

Announcing the news, author Fleme Varkey wrote:

The Gates Foundation was working with and funding the Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU), which provides strategy and monitoring advice for New Delhi’s massive immunisation programme that covers about 27 million infants each year. The Indian government has now distanced itself from the programme and refused their funding as well.

Outlining the government’s reasons why they had chosen to boycott the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she explained:

1. There were concerns that the BMGF was facilitating external (foreign) interest in this immunisation programme, bringing big pharmaceutical players to test, and market their products in India. This is in reference to the Foundation’s backing the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). Concerned organisations have cited this as a conflict of interest.

2. In India, GAVI has been responsible for introducing the Hepatitis B vaccine into the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), a vaccination programme launched by the Indian government in 1985. The liquid Pentavalent vaccine is a replacement of DPT and Hep B vaccines, containing a combination of diptheria, pertusis, tetanus (DPT), Hepatitis B and Hib Meningitis antigens. The government of India decided to introduce it in UIP, as per WHO recommendations in 2011. However, there are allegations that without considering the experience of other countries using this vaccine, it was introduced in India and has resulted in a lot of infant deaths.

She continued:

The question lies that how were these vaccines allowed to still be promoted in different states under the National Immunisation Programme despite there being reports of deaths regarding its usage?

Reading her article in full, which we highly recommend, will demonstrate that not only do the BMGF have many conflicts of interest but in their attempts to convince the Indian government that the pentavalent vaccines were safe and effective, they failed to mention the deaths that had been associated with this vaccine.


Illegal Aliens Are Congregating in Sanctuary Cities, Study Shows

March 24, 2017

Bob Price


Source …..

More than 10 percent of the illegal aliens living in the United States congregate in seven sanctuary cities.

New York City tops the list with 525,000 migrants living illegally in the sanctuary jurisdictions. The Daily Wire cites a February Pew Research Center report showing the Big Apple is followed by Los Angeles with 375,000, Chicago with 140,000, Denver with 55,000, and Boston and San Francisco with 35,000 each. These seven sanctuary cities account for more than 10 percent of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

The mayors of these cities joined with dozens of other sanctuary city leaders this week for a “Cities Day of Immigration Action,” Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick reported. The mayors pledged a list of feel-good commitments stating they will:

  • Hold an in-person event such as a local press conference, town hall, roundtable or “Know Your Rights” forum
  • Pass a city resolution, proclamation, ordinance or other official document commemorating the day
  • Send out a press release
  • Pen an op-ed
  • Amplify your activities via social media using #MayorsStand4All

Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler joined with the other sanctuary mayors tweeting, “Mayors Celebrate Immigrants While Facing ICE’s New ‘Non-Cooperative’ City List.”

Austin is the county seat for Travis County which led the nation in the release of criminal aliens according to the first week’s report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials reported by Breitbart Texas.

ICE officials listed most of the cities above as releasing criminal aliens who are subjects of immigration hold requests from immigration officers.

The Trump Administration is cracking down on criminal aliens through targeted law enforcement operations across the country. Over the past two months, hundreds of criminal aliens have been arrested and removed from the country.

In February, one ICE enforcement action in New York City landed 41 criminal aliens in jail, Breitbart Texas’ John Binder reported. Those arrested include gang members, child rapists, sex offenders, drunk drivers, and drug distributors.

Later that month, New York City released an MS-13 gang member after they arrested him for disorderly conduct. The release followed an immigration hold request by ICE officials. ICE immigration officers hunted down the gang member after the city released him and placed him under arrest.

“This man is by his own admission a member of a violent street gang, and he was released back into the community,” New York Field Office Director Thomas Decker said in a statement.

When ICE officials pleaded with Mayor Bill de Blasio to change his sanctuary policy, the mayor responded by issuing an order blocking ICE officers from entering New York City public schools, Breitbart News’ Mona Salama reported this week.

The Daily Wire’s Aaron Bandler concluded:

Trump ran as an [sic] law-and-order candidate; so far he is following through on that with regard to sanctuary cities. But since a lot of the mayors of sanctuary cities are going to fight him tooth-and-nail to keep their dangerous policies in place, the president better be ready to use every legal tool at his disposal to crack down on them in order to ensure the safety of the American people.

The Department of Justice Office of Inspector General certified many of the cities listed above as sanctuary cities, making them ineligible for federal law enforcement grants for the coming year, Breitbart Texas reported. During the last fiscal year, New York City received more than $60 million in such grants. Chicago and its surrounding Cook County received more than $34 million in grants. After learning it could lose millions in federal grants this year, Miami-Dade County reversed its sanctuary policies, Breitbart News’ Katie McHugh reported.

“It is not just future funds that are at risk for these sanctuary jurisdictions,” U.S. Representative John Culberson told Breitbart Texas in December. “The DOJ can force them to reimburse funds received from these grant programs in the past. This means the State of California could be forced to repay the more than $3 billion in grants received over the past 10 years.”


We Have Now Hit Full-On Crazy

March 24, 2017

Ann Coulter


Source …..

Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can’t live in America. (Unless they’re Christians — those guys we can keep out.)

As subtly alluded to in the subtitle of Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, the goal of liberals is for the poor of the world to have a constitutional right to come here whenever they want.

I can’t help but notice that the Third Worlders aren’t moving to liberals’ neighborhoods.

After nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered by other Rwandans in 1994, our government asked itself: Why not bring more of this fascinating Rwandan culture to America? Ten thousand of them poured in. So far, nearly 400 have been convicted in the United States of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide.

And that’s why we have to tighten our belt, America! Massive international investigations don’t come cheap.

Almost every immigration case is a con, something we find out every time there’s a San Bernardino shooting and half the family turns out to have scammed our immigration officials. One hundred percent of the “humanitarian” cases are frauds.

Earlier this month, Rwanda’s Gervais Ngombwa was convicted for lying on his immigration application by claiming to have been a victim of the 1994 genocide. In fact, he was a well-known perpetrator — even featured in Rwandan newspaper articles as a leader of the genocide.

For most of the last two decades, Ngombwa has been living in Iowa with his wife and eight children in a house built by Habitat for Humanity — because no Americans need houses. He came to the authorities’ attention a couple years ago by setting that house on fire after a domestic dispute, then filing a fraudulent $75,000 insurance claim.

Another Rwandan genocidalist living in America was featured in Adios, America: Beatrice Munyenyezi, granted refugee status as an alleged victim of the genocide, even though she, too, had helped orchestrate it.

Munyenyezi was living safely in Kenya when she applied for a refugee visa to America. The welfare is way better here. And, luckily for us, she had a “chronic medical condition” that required constant attention from a New Hampshire hospital.

Hesham Mohamed Hadayet arrived in the U.S. on a tourist visa, then immediately applied for “asylum” on the grounds that he was persecuted in Egypt — for being a member of an Islamic terrorist group.

Being a member of a noted terrorist group cannot be used to block you from coming to America, thanks to Barney Frank’s 1989 amendment to the Immigration and Naturalization Act, because liberals love this country so very, very much. Being a talented neurosurgeon from Switzerland, however, is disqualifying.

Hadayet’s refugee application wasn’t denied until he’d already been living here for three years. When he was called in for a visa overstay hearing, he didn’t show up, and the INS didn’t bother looking for him. After allowing Hadayet to mill about America for another year, our government granted him permanent residency and a work permit.

On the Fourth of July following the 9/11 attack, Hadayet shot up the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport. I guess the Egyptians were right!

As bodies were being cleared away from the ticket counter, including Hadayet’s, his wife blamed America for the attack, denying her husband had anything to do with it. “He is a victim of injustice,” she explained. “In America, they hate Islam and Arabs after Sept. 11.”

At least immigrants are grateful.

Immigration bureaucrats are so determined to transform America without anyone seeing what they’re doing that the INS initially refused to release Hadayet’s file to congressional investigators, in order to protect his “privacy.”

Of course, anybody could miss Egypt’s designating someone a terrorist. And maybe the INS’s test for Rwandan “refugees” is: Would this person be able to convince Rolling Stone magazine that “Haven Monahan” raped her?

How about Rasmea Yousef Odeh? She waltzed into America after having been convicted and imprisoned in Israel for a supermarket bombing that left two Hebrew University students dead, and also for the attempted bombing of the British consulate in Israel.

She was released in a prisoner exchange — whereupon Odeh made a beeline for the U.S.

True, Odeh wasn’t subjected to the Inquisition-like vetting accorded the humanitarian cases, like the Boston Marathon bombers (we were warned by Russia), Hadayet (we were warned by Egypt) or the Blind Sheik (same).

But how did our immigration authorities miss a CONVICTION FOR BOMBING IN ISRAEL?

Apart from the terrorism, welfare and fraud, what great things did any of them do for our country?

Ngombwa was a custodian at the Cedar Rapids Community School District in Iowa, a job that, evidently, no American would do. Munyenyezi had a job as an advocate for refugees — just one of the many jobs being created by immigrants. Hadayet ran a failing limousine company and was $10,000 in debt. Odeh was an unemployed waitress and a Palestinian grievance activist. Recently, she’s been heavily involved in anti-Trump, anti-white male protests, because who doesn’t like incessant Third World unrest?

In 1960, 75 percent of the foreign-born in America were from Europe. Today only about 10 percent are. More than a third of all post–Teddy Kennedy act immigrants — not just the wretched humanitarian cases — don’t even have a high school diploma.

What is the affirmative case for this? How is it making America better? Improving the schools? The job market? Crime? The likelihood of terrorism?

Can the liberals doing cartwheels over a district judge’s announcement that everyone in the world has a right to come here (except Europeans and Christians), give us the cost-benefit analysis they’re using? Twenty million Third World immigrants give us ( __ ) terrorists, ( __ ) welfare recipients, ( __ ) uncompensated medical costs, ( __ ) discrimination lawsuits, but it’s all worth it because ( _________________ )?


Rick Perry Accuses Texas A&M of Disqualifying Student Government Election Winner in ‘Name of Diversity’

March 24, 2017

Tom Ciccotta


Source …..

Rick Perry has accused administrators at Texas A&M of disqualifying a student who was elected to serve as student body president “in the name of ‘diversity.’”

Robert McIntosh, the son of a prominent Republican fundraiser who supported President Trump in his bid for the White House, was disqualified after winning an election for Texas A&M’s student body president by over 700 votes. The position of student body president was awarded to the 2nd-place finisher, Bobby Brooks, a junior who became Texas A&M’s first openly gay student body president.

McIntosh was initially disqualified over claims that he may have engaged in voter intimidation tactics. The concern was quickly dismissed by Texas A&M’s Judicial Court, which The Washington Post calls “the university’s version of a student supreme court.”

But McIntosh’s disqualification was upheld, with the reason given that he “failed to disclose financial information for glow sticks briefly featured in a campaign video.”

Secretary of Energy and former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, who is an alumnus of Texas A&M, wrote a column for The Houston Chronicle citing his concerns over the decision to take the position away from McIntosh over the purchase of glow sticks that appeared in his campaign video.

“As Texas’ first Aggie governor and as someone who was twice elected Yell Leader of Texas A&M University, I am deeply troubled by the recent conduct of A&M’s administration and Student Government Association (SGA) during the Aggie student-body president elections for 2017-2018,” he began.

Mainstream media outlets like The Washington Post were quick to question the motivations behind Secretary Perry’s criticisms, running the headline “Rick Perry accuses Texas A&M’s first gay student body president of stealing election” on their Facebook page.

Perry argued that the student body’s support of Brooks as an openly gay student was a “testament to the Aggie character.”

“When I first read that our student body had elected an openly gay man, Bobby Brooks, for president of the student body, I viewed it as a testament to the Aggie character. I was proud of our students because the election appeared to demonstrate a commitment to treating every student equally, judging on character rather than on personal characteristics,” he wrote.

Despite The Washington Post‘s suggestion, Perry’s criticism wasn’t pointed at Brooks; it was pointed at the administrators responsible for disqualifying McIntosh on a technicality.

“In its opinion, the Judicial Court admitted that the charges were minor and technical, but, incredibly, chose to uphold the disqualification, with no consideration given to whether the punishment fit the crime. The desire of the electorate is overturned, and thousands of student votes are disqualified because of free glow sticks that appeared for 11 seconds of a months-long campaign. Apparently, glow sticks merit the same punishment as voter intimidation,” he argued.

Perry claimed that McIntosh received the glow sticks for participating in a charity event before the campaign and also that the other candidates weren’t asked to itemize the expenses of props used in their campaign videos.

“Now, Brooks’ presidency is being treated as a victory for ‘diversity.’ It is difficult to escape the perception that this quest for ‘diversity’ is the real reason the election outcome was overturned,” Perry argued. “Does the principle of ‘diversity’ override and supersede all other values of our Aggie Honor Code?

“Honestly, we were just surprised to see that the secretary of energy would take the time to weigh in in detail,” Amy Smith, the school’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, told the Texas Tribune, “and we respectfully disagree with his assessment of what happened.”


Those who push mercury in vaccines are despicable, evil people who destroy the lives of children while pocketing money from Big Pharma

March 24, 2017


Source …..

There’s a major controversy brewing over the continued use of a known neurotoxin, mercury, in childhood vaccines. This deadly chemical doesn’t even need to be there, and is only harmful, providing absolutely no benefits when it comes to procuring immunity. And yet, mercury is still being added in the form of thimerosal to influenza vaccines, and many other vaccines routinely administered to children. Why?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists mercury as a highly toxic heavy metal element that can damage the lungs, kidneys, and nervous system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also admits that mercury is a neurotoxin, warning that the chemical can cause a person to have trouble seeing and staying coordinated. In children, mercury can damage cognition, memory, attention, language, and motor and spatial skills.

With all this in mind, it’s truly mind-boggling that anyone would argue in favor of keeping mercury in vaccines. This poison is being directly injected into the bloodstreams and muscle tissue of developing children, and at great cost. Why would anyone advocate for this, and more importantly, how is such a policy legal?

The short answer is that corruption is at play in a number of ways. Firstly, the government would have to admit that mercury is toxic before banning its use in vaccines — which is very unlikely to happen, considering that vaccines are part of a multi-billion dollar racket that would be severely damaged in the public eye if safety issues of this magnitude were let loose. Secondly, the vaccine industry would be forced to assume liability for vaccine damage from mercury, which it will fight forever to avoid, if possible.

Do the powers that be want to harm children for profit?

Thirdly, and perhaps more importantly, is the mainstream media’s complicit protection of the vaccine industry and its continued use of mercury in vaccines. Between the government, major news outlets, and the vaccine industry itself, there are a lot of profits in danger of the truth about mercury. And if you look at history, there is also an agenda at stake, and one that seems to involve the intentional poisoning of the populace for nefarious purposes.

“When it comes to vaccines and pharmaceuticals, they are all whores,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the lying, “fake news” media outlets that cover up the truth about vaccine dangers, and the continued use of mercury in vaccines.

“They’re nothing but industry prostitutes. They even know it. They know it, and they go home every day, every night, with shame because they know that they are part of a media disinformation machine that has supported the medical murder of children for decades, and continues to cover up this mass poisoning — this medical molestation of children — that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Robert DeNiro are trying to halt.”

Adams is speaking here about the $100,000 vaccine safety challenge issued by Kennedy and DeNiro as part of the World Mercury Project, which seeks to use a large financial incentive as a means by which to expose the evils of the vaccine industry and its use of mercury in vaccines. The goal is to protect children by any means possible, and only the most evil of people would oppose such an initiative.

“Any good person would be opposed to mercury in vaccines,” Adams adds. “Any decent human being would speak out and say, ‘We should stop poisoning our children. Why are we injecting children with a known heavy metal neurotoxin?’ It makes no sense. It should be criminal to do that. I mean, it’s criminal to physically abuse a child. Why is it legal to chemically abuse a child?”

Sources for this article include:


GOP Senators Hope to Sneak Amnesty into Trump’s Popular Immigration Reforms

March 22, 2017

Neil Munro


Source …..

Business advocates who want to import more foreign consumers and more foreign workers are developing plans to counter President Donald Trump’s popular call for a merit-based immigration reform.

The emerging strategy is to pair offers of minor concessions to Americans and Trump with demands for giveaways to business, including a bigger supply of low-wage workers and welfare-funded consumers. The immigration “pairing” strategy is being pushed by the industry-backed Business Policy Council, in cooperation with GOP Sen. Thom Tillis.

The strategy collides with Trump’s emphasis on raising Americans’ wages via “merit-based immigration,” which is also backed by a new productivity-boosting immigration drafted by two GOP Senators, David Perdue and Tom Cotton. “Real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: to improve jobs and wages for Americans, to strengthen our nation’s security, and to restore respect for our laws,” Trump told Congress February 28.

The business push for “pairing” creates a risk for the many Americans worried about cheap-labor migration, said Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. President Trump “has the potential to be taken to the cleaners by [Sen.] Chuck Schumer because [immigraton] is something he doesn’t know anything about…  hopefully [Steve] Bannon and [Stephen] Miller will prevent this from happening.”

Tillis and lobbyists at the BPC described their emerging “pairing” strategy at a recent press event.

“We have to have border security,” Tillis said in a conversation with Haley Barbour, the co-chair of the BPC’s immigration advocacy task force, who also runs a lobbying firm, the BGR Group. Tillis continued:

To me, it is absolutely essential [border security] be one of the first measures that we pass. Now the question is what can we pair with it that will start creating some sort of consensus going … around a series of other things that we can talk about, but we are not going to put in the [first] bill because if it gets too convoluted, if it becomes too comprehensive, than it starts falling apart.

In 2013, business groups allied with Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer to push a huge “comprehensive immigration reform” bill that provided amnesty and a huge flow of new migrants and workers. Schumer’s “Gang of Eight” bill was defeated because House Speaker John Boehner stalled business groups until public opposition became undeniable.

“Think about [pairing] DACA [President Barack Obama’s 2012 mini-amnesty for young illegals] with border security…. Think about [pairing more] work visas with E-Verify and other enforcement actions against employers,” Tillis said. E-Verify is a federal website that can help screen out illegal during job interviews. However, business lobbying has persuaded Congress to keep the use of E-Verify system voluntary, not mandatory.

E-Verify is a federal website that helps employers identify illegal aliens seeking jobs. However, business lobbying has persuaded Congress to keep the use of E-Verify system voluntary, not mandatory.

Tillis also dismissed Trump’s election-winning promise of a border wall, by suggesting that Congress deny funds for construction of a wall or fence along stretches of the border in favor of “other capabilities.” Border security, he said,  “is one of the first things we need to do…  [but] it seems to me we could get to a reasonable compromise on a bill that I think will be less costly and more effective than just the concept of a structure. Walls need to be where wall are, but other capabilities need to be elsewhere.”

Barbour and other BPC officials pushed the “pairing” strategy throughout the press event.  “The idea of pairing… makes a lot of sense,” said Michael Chertoff, the former Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush. Chertoff is the co-chair of the BPC’s Immigration Task Force.

Tillis’ office did not respond to Breitbart’s emails. Barbour declined an interview request.

Tillis’s policy goals are shaped by the needs of North Carolina’s agriculture industry, which continues to rely on cheap labor for harvesting crops, instead of developing high-productivity crop harvesting machines.

But he is also indirectly backed by his political neighbor, South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has repeatedly helped his state’s tourism and golfing resorts bring in wage-cutting foreign workers instead of raising wages to hire Americans. In a March 15 interview with Bloomberg, Graham echoed Barbour’s pairing strategy, saying:

The first one would combine ramped-up enforcement, starting with “the bad dudes,” and the legalization of [DACA] illegal immigrants who came here as minors. Republicans are open to that legalization, he said, and it “would be hard for Democrats to say no to securing the border and helping these 800,000 kids have a better life.”

The second one would legalize adult illegal immigrants working in agriculture and tourism, and at the same time require employers to use the e-verify program to make sure all new hires are legal workers.

Third, Graham would legalize those remaining illegal immigrants who passed a background check and paid a fine. In return he wants to shift legal immigration toward recruiting people with high skills rather than reuniting extended families. “The immigration system of the future would be merit-based,” he says.

In late 2012, Graham played a key role with Schumer in launching the 2013 “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

The “pairing” deals sketched by Barbour, Tillis and Graham would allow a border wall plus an amnesty and the expanded work-permit program, which would give Democrats the future voters they want and also give business groups the new inflow of taxpayer-supported customers and wage-cutting white-collar workers that they want. That endless inflow of new workers would make it more difficult for white-collar and blue-collar Americans to win higher salaries as the economy expands.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump promised to pass a pro-American immigration reform law. “The fundamental problem with the immigration system in our country is that it serves the needs of wealthy donors, political activists, and powerful, powerful politicians … It does not serve you, the American people,” he said.

“When politicians talk about immigration reform, they usually mean the following, amnesty, open borders, lower wages … [but] it should mean improvements to our laws and policies to make life better for American citizens,” Trump said on August 31, adding:

We have to listen to the concerns that working people, our forgotten working people, have over the record pace of immigration and it’s impact on their jobs, wages, housing, schools, tax bills and general living conditions…

While there are many illegal immigrants in our country who are good people, many, many, this doesn’t change the fact that most illegal immigrants are lower skilled workers with less education, who compete directly against vulnerable American workers, and that these illegal workers draw much more out from the system than they can ever possibly pay back. And they’re hurting a lot of our people that cannot get jobs under any circumstances …

The basic problem for reformers is that they “have to get eight Democratic Senators to vote” for a reform, Krikorian said. The offer of a DACA amnesty “might be enough to get eight of those Democrats from Trump-voting states to go along with E-Verify and legal immigration [reform]” which would end the wage-cutting chain immigration of unskilled family relatives, he said. “That would be a good deal,” Krikorian added.

“The worst case is [legislators] legalize the DACAs in exchange for some phony-baloney border bill that they don’t need,” because Congress has already authorized construction of the wall, said Krikorian.

In his February 28 speech to Congress,  Trump outlined his “merit-based” immigration reform, which would emphasize skilled immigration of college graduates, and likely lower the annual “family chain” inflow of roughly 800,0000 unskilled relatives of recent immigrants.

Nations around the world, like Canada, Australia and many others –- have a merit-based immigration system.  It is a basic principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially.  Yet, in America, we do not enforce this rule, straining the very public resources that our poorest citizens rely upon.  According to the National Academy of Sciences, our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.

Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, will have many benefits:  it will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages, and help struggling families –- including immigrant families –- enter the middle class.

I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: to improve jobs and wages for Americans, to strengthen our nation’s security, and to restore respect for our laws.

Trump did not say his plan would exclude amnesty or lower the annual inflow of immigrants — but immigration reformers, such as Krikorian, say they would be willing to accept a congressional amnesty if the deal also lowered the annual inflow of legal immigrants which forces down wages and consumer welfare spending.

Under the current cheap-labor economic strategy, the federal government does not repatriate the 11 million illegals, and it grants citizenship to roughly 1 million foreigners per year, mostly to the family relatives of prior unskilled immigrants. Only about one-in-five new immigrants have college degrees. Immigrants without college degrees tend to receive more in welfare and aid payments than they return in federal, state and local taxes. That inflow lowers salaries and wages, which boosts investors’ income by roughly $500 billion per year, according to a Harvard analysis.

The U.S. government also provides temporary work permits to roughly 1 million foreign contract workers, creating a population of roughly 1.4 million temporary white-collar foreign workers in the United States. Tillis and 30 other Senators recently called for agencies to not waste any of the 66,000 H-2B worker visas which companies use to hire foreign workers instead of American workers.

In contrast, Trump has called for pro-American reforms of the contract-worker programs. “I will end forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program, and institute an absolute requirement to hire American workers first for every visa and immigration program,” Trump said in a March 2016 statement. “No exceptions,” he added.

Each year, four million Americans enter the workforce and are required to compete for good jobs against the two million new immigrants and temporary workers.

Tillis, however, is focused on pushing his pro-business “pairing” strategy. “We know most of the solutions, we have to figure out … how to silence the voices at either end of the political spectrum that are the reason we haven’t been successful in the past, and solve the problem,” Tillis told the business lobbyists at the March 2 meeting.

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