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Obama Admin. Asks SCOTUS for Rehearing on Executive Amnesty

July 20, 2016

Caroline May


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The Obama Administration is looking for a second bite at the apple, asking that the Supreme Court rehear a challenge to President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty programs.

In a petition to the court, Acting Solicitor General Ian Gershengorn requested that the justices rehear the case once the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia is filled and the court stands at nine members.

“Ordinarily, it is exceedingly rare for this Court to grant rehearing. But when this Court has conducted plenary review and then affirmed by vote of an equally divided court because of a vacancy rather than a disqualification, the Court has not infrequently granted rehearing before a full Bench,” the Justice Department’s petition reads.

The effort would put Texas and 25 state’s challenge to Obama’s 2014 executive amnesty programs — Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — back on the court’s to-do list.

Last month the eight justices currently on the Supreme Court divided on the matter, issuing a single sentence order “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.” The 4-4 decision left a lower court’s ruling, blocking the executive amnesty programs, in tact.

While the Justice Department’s petition acknowledged the rarity of rehearings, it highlights several precedents for reconsidering a case, the most recent of which was in 1954.

Even if the court eventually agrees to the government’s request, a rehearing is unlikely to happen under the current administration. The Republican-controlled Congress has to date stood firm on it’s plan to not move on any Supreme Court nominee until after the upcoming presidential election, leaving the court still divided at 8 justices.

Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative

July 18, 2016

Julia Hahn


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Paul Ryan

Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district, Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election.

The new mailers touting Ryan’s support for border security is interesting given that just last year, Ryan championed a spending bill that fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda– including funding sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and the release of criminal aliens. The mailers also come amid new reports indicating that, one month after his election, Ryan plans to bring up “criminal sentencing” measures that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison onto the streets.

“Keeping America safe is a big job. And it’s the most important one there is,” the Ryan mailer reads. “Protect our Homeland— that means securing the border, confronting Islamic Terrorism, and tackling new threats by stopping them from reaching our shores… Paul Ryan for U.S. Congress… Vote Tuesday, August 9th”


However, new reports indicate that immediately following his primary election, Speaker Ryan plans to bring up legislation that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison and into American communities.

As Roll Call reports, “The House will take up legislation to overhaul the criminal justice system in September, Speaker Paul D. Ryan said.”

Last October, the President of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union— which represents approximately 5,800 frontline ICE officers, agents and personnel who are responsible for enforcing America’s immigration laws— wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing opposition to the so-called “criminal sentencing reform” measures.

The ICE Union warned that some of the discussed proposals could result in the “mass release of criminal aliens from federal prison.” ICE highlighted the proposal’s impact on public safety, and noted that it could “further hampe[r] immigration enforcement within the United States.”

“According to a recent article in the Washington Post, 1 in 3 of the 6,000 federal prisoners that the Department of Justice recently handpicked for early release is an alien,” wrote ICE Council President Chris Crane. “I understand that both houses of Congress are also exploring legislative measures that could lead to the release of additional criminal aliens. Notably, these releases will be in addition to the thousands of criminal aliens who are being released into communities from sanctuary jurisdictions across the country every month.”

“Countless preventable crimes against children, rapes, robberies and murders will most likely occur as a result of these proposed mass release,” Crane added.

Interestingly, Ryan’s mailer does not list a single action Ryan has actually taken—in his seventeen years in Congress— to “secure our border” or stop the threat of radical Islam from “reaching our shores.”

While Ryan is now sending out mailers on border security, he has spent two decades pushing for policies that would effectively open America’s borders—including actions he has taken from his powerful position as House Speaker.

As House Speaker, Ryan ushered through Congress an omnibus spending bill that completely funded President Obama’s open borders agenda.

Ryan voted to fund Obama’s still-running 2012 executive amnesty for illegal aliens who allegedly entered the country as minors. Ryan’s bill also rewarded sanctuary cities with federal grants. He also provided funding for the resettlement of illegal aliens within the United States, the release of criminal aliens, and tax credits for illegal aliens.

Ryan’s spending bill also funded an expansion of Muslim migration, bringing the total number of visas for Muslim migrants this year (temporary and permanent) to nearly 300,000.

Ryan has voted to increase Muslim migration— despite the fact that seven out of ten GOP Wisconsin voters want to see Muslim migration into the United States paused.

Ryan’s primary challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, slammed Ryan for the deceptive mailers.

“The only thing more disturbing than Paul Ryan’s refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he is comfortable lying about it,” Nehlen said.

“As long as Paul Ryan is in Congress, immigration will never be reduced, the border will never be secured, radical Islam will never be kept off our shores, and our children will never be safe,” Nehlen continued. “He is wholly owned by his donors, and his donors want open borders. When was the last time Ryan ever fought hard for something that his donors opposed? If Ryan remains, we can kiss our borders, our safety, and our sovereignty goodbye.”

This is not the first time Ryan’s controversial position on immigration has been misrepresented to the Republican electorate. In 2013, an affiliate of Mark Zuckerberg’s decidedly pro-amnesty lobbying group ran an ad defending Ryan and claiming that Ryan opposes “amnesty.”

Politico reported that “the spot from the affiliate begins with a picture of Ryan and says, ‘Amnesty? Not a chance,’ and goes on to say the House budget chairman is looking at a ‘conservative solution’ to the issue of immigration.” Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty group spent $350,000 on the ad-buy to convince conservative voters that Ryan does not support amnesty— even though Ryan supports giving citizenship to illegal immigrants.

“Open Borders is in his ideological DNA,” NumbersUSA President, Roy Beck, has explained. “Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being. This isn’t personal, it’s just who he is… Paul Ryan is the heart and soul of crony capitalism.”

Indeed, a 2015 PBS documentary revealed the full extent to Ryan’s efforts to pass President Obama’s immigration agenda.

The documentary revealed that between 2013 to 2014, Ryan worked with open borders advocate Luis Gutierrez to push the Rubio-Obama amnesty agenda. Gutierrez has previously said, “I have only one loyalty…and that’s to the immigrant community”.

During the 2013 push to pass amnesty, Ryan told a group of Hispanic voters that he believes his job of a U.S. lawmaker is to put himself in the shoes of foreign citizens living in foreign countries— such as a “gentleman from India who’s waiting for his green card” or the illegal alien “DREAMer who is waiting— and put forth U.S. legislative solutions to improve the lives of those foreign citizens.

At a joint event with Gutierrez in 2013, Ryan made the case for dissolving borders—declaring unabashedly that the United States “is more than [its] borders.”

Two years later, Gutierrez was one of Ryan’s earliest endorsements for House Speaker.

“Paul Ryan and I talk,” Gutierrez told the filmmakers in 2014. “What we do with Ryan,” Gutierrez explained, “is he puts together a bunch of bills, one of which is legalization, and that’s the one we join him on. The legalization is good enough that I can go and say we need to get in bed.”

Gutierrez told filmmakers that their collaboration had to be conducted in secret, so as not to tip off Republican voters. “You feel like you have to kind of sneak around to have dinner with these guys,” Gutierrez’s communications director, Douglas Rivlin, said, referring to his secret meetings with House Republicans to push amnesty. “Unlike some of you [expletive deleted], I don’t mess around with my wife, so–but let me tell you–right? I feel like I’m sneaking around right on my Party … when I have dinner with you guys,” he said.

“Right,” Gutierrez confirmed. “We can’t tell people. That’s OK. Maybe that’s the way this has got to get done. But if those are the rules, those are the rules.”

It is perhaps interesting that Ryan is now choosing to campaign on border security given that he has taken so many actions throughout his career to effectively dissolve national borders.

In doing so, Ryan appears to be taking a page out of the campaign playbook of ex-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. In 2014, when Cantor’s primary race began heating up in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, Cantor’s campaign began distributing misleading mailers claiming that the pro-amnesty House Majority Leader was actually opposed to amnesty.

As Breitbart News reported at the time, “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is at it again. After sending a deceptive anti-amnesty mailer last week to voters, Cantor’s campaign sent out another this week just days before his June 10 primary against Dave Brat, who has been attacking Cantor on immigration. The new mailer touts the “conservative” Eric Cantor who is “stopping” the “Obama-Reid plan to give illegal aliens amnesty.’”

cantor_adInterestingly, like Ryan, Eric Cantor similarly had joined forces with Gutierrez to push amnesty. Cantor “went on a tour with Rep. Luis Gutierrez… to promote amnesty legislation in New York,” Breitbart reported prior to Cantor’s historic loss.

Hospital Refuses to Release Medical Records of Five-Year-Old Idaho Victim Raped By Muslim Migrants

July 18, 2016

Pamela Geller


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Twin Falls Idaho

A five-year-old girl was raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho; one of them, a 14-year-old, videotaped the attack. After the attack, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused and targeted by law enforcement and medical authorities as if they were the criminals. The mother cannot get copies of the medical records of her own child, or transcripts of 9-1-1 calls made on the day of the attack.

In examining notes taken of their conversations with the victim’s mother, I was taken aback by how contemptuous they are of her. They talk down to her, as if she were the perpetrator, not the mother of the victim of this monstrous attack.

It is outrageous. And it gets worse. The supposedly seven-year-old rapist who put his penis in the girl’s mouth, urinated on her and in her mouth, and who reportedly owned the blue pocket knife that he used to threaten her, was never even removed from his home. That family still lives next door to the victim. For the longest time, the attacker wasn’t even limited in his access to the community’s children; now he must be supervised by someone 14 years old or older. When they stipulated this, the court had to have been aware that the boy who videotaped the rape was 14. This a gross insult against this victimized family — and a direct result of a judge’s decision.

Meanwhile, the neighbor of the family who caught the perpetrators in the act, an elderly woman known to all as “Grandma Jo,” has been living in constant terror since she first happened upon the grisly scene. She has been stalked by the Iraqi family of the seven-year-old attacker. Her apartment is back-to-back with theirs; they peer into her windows and pace back and forth in front of her apartment in a clearly menacing manner.

The victim’s family has received no assistance — no financial aid from federal or state programs to help them relocate. It is almost impossible to find a place to rent because of the housing shortage due to the sudden crush of refugees. Rents have gone way up as well. The five-year-old rape victim is still living next door to the ringleader of the Muslim mob that raped her. She is terrified and won’t leave the house, as the attacker’s family members walk by the victim’s family’s windows and taunt them.

The poor girl desperately does want to play outside, but it isn’t safe to do so without parental supervision. Recently a carload of Muslim males pulled up in front of mother and daughter. The car stopped and its occupants stared them down. The mother witnessed one of the males run into the house and get something that appeared cylinder-like: at the time she was afraid it was a gun. Moments later, their house was being struck by bottle rockets. This isn’t an isolated case in Twin Falls, as there have been other reports of American homeowners having their homes struck by bottle rockets. And let’s be serious: these people are not celebrating the Fourth of July or Americanism.

The prosecuting attorney has gone out of his way to imply that this rape was false information. His interviews have led the media and public officials to deny clear facts of the case. The U.S. Attorney for Idaho even vowed to charge anyone who made false statements about the perps. The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has whined that the case has become “a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.”

A source close to this horrifying case has struck back against the disinformation being propagated in the case, and sent me a complete time line of events. So here at last is what really happened, straight from someone who was deeply involved the whole time.

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, the little girl was assaulted by Muslim migrant boys: two Sudanese boys aged around 10 and 14, one Iraqi boy around seven years old. The girl said that they used a knife and dragged her to an apartment laundry room at Fawnbrook apartments in Twin Falls. They were caught in the act by a neighbor — Grandma Jo. According to Grandma Jo, when she opened the laundry room door, she saw two boys standing over the naked victim, urinating on her and “pulling” themselves. She told the attackers to get dressed. Then she helped the victim get dressed (in her urine-soaked clothing). A neighbor arrived to help, and the victim was taken to her family apartment. Her maternal grandmother arrived, the girl was washed and dressed, and the family called 911 three times.

Before the police arrived, the 14-year-old attacker disappeared. Eventually, Twin Falls County Sheriff personnel arrived, as well as police. They took statements. The two attackers who could be found were “scolded” and told to obey Grandma Jo. The police warned them to be good or they would come get them in a large school bus and take them to jail; they were told to obey Grandma Jo in order to avoid this.

That evening, the little girl was taken to the Emergency Room at Saint Luke’s Hospital, where she was examined for rape and blood work was taken. The girl’s parents say that at Children at Risk Evaluation Services (CARES), she was examined by a Dr. Reese. She was told to go for second evaluation on June 6 with CARES doctors. It is unclear if at this or any other time the assailants were frisked, examined, or subjected to blood or urine tests. They were not restrained or removed from their homes.

The next day, two police detectives interviewed Grandma Jo in her home. A police detective, J. R. Paredez, brought the victim a stuffed toy.

On Monday, June 6, CARES interviewed the little girl while Detective Paredez and two counselors watched. Photographic evidence was taken of what was taken at the time by the girl’s parents and a doctor to be a cut on her neck, as well as of her private area. Days later, however, the girl’s mother called CARES for an update and was told that the neck cut was actually just a scratch, and that this was determined by “blood vessel” appearance – an evaluation based on examination of a photo, not a reexamination of the victim.

The family put the victim in a day-care center in order to remove her from proximity to the perpetrators, who continued to run unrestrained in the complex. The victim’s family is poor; their sister-in-law paid the center’s $500 bill.

On June 7, KMVT, a local TV news station, published a Facebook news story on possible sexual assault at Fawnbrook.    

Six days later, on June 13, citizens address the Twin Falls City Council during “public input” to question them about the rape of the child. The next day, a collection was taken up for the girl’s family; they were presented with the money on June 15.

On June 16, the Prosecuting Attorney’s office called the family while the supporter who had taken up the collection for them was visiting their home. Both parents spoke to Janice Kroeger, the Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and told her that they wanted the attackers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The next day, a detective called the family at 11:45 a.m. to say that warrants would be issued for the arrest of the attackers, but time was needed to process them. The family was fearful of backlash from the families of the perpetrators. Several individuals began video surveillance of the area.

On Saturday, June 18, two of the perpetrators, both Sudanese Muslim migrants, were arrested. Kroeger called the victim’s family from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to tell them that the arraignment would be Monday, June 20, at 1:00 p.m. The father of the victim told Kroeger that the family insisted on being involved in all the hearings. Curiously, Kroeger questioned his interest in the case.

At the Sudanese boys’ arraignment hearing that Monday, the family of the victim and a “nonprofessional” support person were in the courtroom. Notably, Angela “Angie” Beeson, the Director of Victim Services, was not present.

Outside of the courtroom, the parents of the victim and several of their supporters, along with Jeff Rolig, an attorney for Fawnbrook apartments, the apartment manager, Detective Paredez, and a Sergeant Wright of the Twin Falls police had a conversation about the knife that the victim (and others) said was used by the perpetrators. (The fourteen-year-old attacker had cut an eight-year-old girl two weeks before this attack; the boy used his blue pocket knife. The mother of this child had entered a complaint against him at the time of the rape, but later dropped it for fear of retaliation.)

On June 20, the family met with Grant P. Loebs, the prosecuting attorney, and Janice Kroegar at the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. Loebs rambled through a “victim’s services package list” and stated that Angela Beeson would be the victim’s advocate for the family. The parents requested a restraining order, but Loebs and Kroegar appeared uncertain if a seven-year-old could have such an order filed against him. Loebs said that he had given three interviews in order to “clear up” the confusion and “set the facts straight.” Loebs stated that “the system” was “not prepared” to deal with a seven-year-old.

Later that day, Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury made a public statement praising the police department, CARES, and the City Council. He called the rape “lewd and lascivious” and said it was a case of “boys acting out.”

During the next week, a supporter of the family, Julie Ruf, took dictation from Grandma Jo for her sworn affidavit. Ruf typed it up as it was spoken to her. Grandma Jo reviewed the affidavit and then took it to her bank, signed it and had it notarized. She then gave it to the victim’s parents so they could give it to their attorney.

On June 21, the Twin Falls Police Department sent an officer to search the Fawnbrook apartment complex for the knife. The officer spoke to a friend of the family who informed him that the knife was known to be a blue pocket knife that the perpetrators hid in a Russian olive tree on an empty lot nearby. Officer confirmed that the area around the tree appeared to have someone “hang out there often.” Then pictures were taken with him and kids in his police car.

On June 23, the Sudanese boys were arraigned for a second time. They were released to their parents and a second Sudanese family. Angie Beeson discussed court procedure with the parents of the victim. A supporter of the family warned Beeson that if the boys were released, they may be a flight risk; Angie answered that they would just need to be arrested again if they fled. Papers were signed by victim’s parents, but it is uncertain what they were. An observer in courtroom indicated that Janice Kroeger didn’t appear confident and was apparently reading from a book; at one point, Kroeger actually asked the judge if she was doing okay (in reference to her actions in the proceedings).

On the same day, Fawnbrook apartments issued an eviction notice to both the Sudanese and Iraqi families that were involved in the rape. The Sudanese immediately began to move out, and were gone by Monday the 27th.

The next day, Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho, issued her notorious statement warning that giving out “false information” about the perpetrators could violate federal law. 

On June 24, a No-Contact order was issued, as per the parents of the victim’s request, against all three assailants. Sergeant Wright stated that it would not be entered into the Police Department’s record until days later.

On June 27, the mother of victim called 911 offices in Twin Falls to request a copy of her public record 911 transcripts. The woman on the phone told her that she wasn’t sure that the victim’s mother would be “allowed” to have those, and that she would need to contact the prosecutor’s office. The prosecuting attorney’s office called back with the answer that no documents would be handed over until the case was closed, because it was a sealed case.

That afternoon at a meeting of the Twin Falls City Council meeting, Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar gave a soliloquy absolving the City Council of responsibility and telling the community to calm down. Julie Ruf told the council that the Iraqi child was still running free in the complex and playing among the other children. The victim and her family, consequently, were shut away in their home to protect themselves. From this evening on, the Iraqi boy remained mostly in his apartment, as did his mother or grandmother (it was difficult to determine which she was).

Also on June 27, Nevada Assemblywomen Michele Fiore and Shelly Shelton were traveling through Twin Falls on the way home, and stopped at Fawnbrook to offer aid and comfort to the victim and her family. Fiore called Detective Paredez to ask him for the case number (which the parents did not have), and was treated disrespectfully by him.

On June 28, Olson issued a second statement to clarify her inflammatory and authoritarian June 24 statement.

That day, the parents met at Jaker’s restaurant in Twin Falls with attorney Bruce Skaug. The parents requested that Julie Ruf remain with them during this meeting, but Skaug insisted otherwise, and Ruf left. The parents then signed a contract with Skaug — under duress, due to their vulnerable emotional condition. They gave Skaug Grandma Jo’s affidavit. Despite their subsequent requests that he return it, he has not done so.

In Jaker’s restaurant, Julie Ruf saw, at another table with the private investigator for Bruce Skaug, another attorney, Jeff Rolig. He was seated in a booth that placed him shoulder-to-shoulder with Skaug, with a glass and pony wall divider between them.

On June 29, the parents of the victim told Skaug to cease work on the case and to send them a copy of their contract and his billable hours.

The mother of the victim went with her neighbor to the Twin Falls Police Department: the neighbor intended to drop charges against same Iraqi boy who knifed her daughter two weeks before the rape. While she was there, Detective Paredez, Sergeant Wright, and another officer asked to speak with the victim’s mother. They escorted her behind two locked security doors and proceeded to grill and intimidate her until she was crying. Paredez specifically mentioned Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s phone call. 

The victim’s mother had called Julie Ruf, but Ruf arrived after the police had escorted her to a back room. Ruf asked to be taken to her since she had requested it, but no officer was sent to unlock the double security doors.

Upon returning to lobby, the victim’s mother was visibly shaken, but proceeded in the lobby with a written request for her 911 transcripts. She passed the written request through the deposit drawer in the lobby. No proof of the request, or denial of it, was given to her.

On July 6, the parents called Skaug and left him a message, again to dismiss him as their lawyer. They asked him for a copy of their signed contract and billable hours, and asked him to return their paperwork.

That same day, the mother called CARES for a copy of her daughter’s medical records. A CARES employee told her that CARES does not release records and transferred her call to a second CARES employee, identified as Sarah. There followed a discussion about counseling for the victim. Sarah said that CARES did not print out medical records and told the victim’s mother that Paredez had the paperwork, and that it may already have been submitted to the prosecuting attorney.

The mother of the victim then called Paredez, using the police department’s general number). She asked him for the CARES medical records. Paredez responded that they were in the case file, and told that mother that she would need to fill out another public record request for the release of the CARES medical records.

The mother then called Angie Beeson for help with the release of the public records and medical records. Beeson told her that the case was sealed, that the parents may need to be witnesses if the case went to trial, and that “everything needs to be from your own mind.” She told the mother: “You as a mother can’t be denied medical records, but CARES may not release the records,” and that the prosecuting attorney couldn’t release anything until the case was over. The mother of victim offered to file a written request for the records; Beeson said that she would need to ask Grant Loebs, but that she shouldn’t need to put it in writing, that her word should be good enough.

The next day, July 7, Grant Loebs called the mother of victim to tell her that he had received notice from Bruce Skaug that he had been dismissed. Loebs directly asked the mother of victim why the family had dismissed Skaug; they did not give him an answer.

On July 8, there was an Admit or Deny hearing for the seven-year-old Iraqi attacker, with Judge Thomas Borreson presiding. The boy pleaded not guilty. The Protection Order against the boy was altered from 300 yards to 100 feet, and included the supervision of someone 14 and older. He remains in his home with his “mother” and unidentified adult males.

On July 9 at 11:00PM, the mother of the victim called Julie Ruf; she had been frightened by a carload of male Muslims who stopped in front of her apartment building and stared at her. She had allowed her daughter to play late after the other children went in — sunset was at about 9:30PM. She saw one male go into an apartment and get something before she went into her own home. As far as she could see, what he got appeared to be a firearm.

By 11:30PM, the family was hearing loud noises. The mother texted and then called Ruf again. Something began hitting their house. Ruf advised them to call the Twin Falls Police Department. The police arrived quickly and told the family that they believed that what had been hitting the house were bottle rockets being fired by teens nearby. The family had a terrified and sleepless night.

On July 12, Angie Beeson called father of the victim to inform him that she would no longer be acting as their advocate. She said they should contact Grant Loebs as their advocate, and also said that she would be mailing them something. Loebs later called the victim’s mother, but she did not answer. When he called again, she did answer, and Loebs talked for a very long time. He informed her that he would be their advocate now, and that they were not to contact Beeson. Loebs suggested that Beeson may have been threatened, but didn’t say so directly.

On July 13, Susan Tully of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) met with people in Twin Falls, after which she was invited to meet the victims. She apparently called Angie Beeson to attempt to resolve the victim’s issues. It is unclear whether or not she reached Beeson, but the victim’s mother was notified later that day that Tully had spoken to the prosecutor, who made sure that Tully understood that the victim’s parents could go see the paperwork (including the 911 transcripts and medical report), but could not have or make copies. 

That night, at the Twin Falls County Precinct committee meeting, Loebs spoke to the Republican members (about 35 to 40 people). An eyewitness said that Loebs referred to “the alleged raping,” claimed that there was a “quick response of the police department,” and said that the media was making things seem much worse than they were, as the incident had been “blown out of proportion.” He said that “two of the three suspects were arrested and held for four days.”

Loebs also said: “The victim’s family is confused; I spoke to them for twenty minutes the day before.” He added, “Twin Falls is not a corrupt place, it’s safe,” and said, that the case was not significant, as there were other rape cases.

This travesty of justice is ongoing. It must end. Contact these people and demand justice for this poor little girl and her family:

Grant P. Loebs (Prosecuting Attorney) 208-736-4020

Janice L. Kroeger (Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney) (208) 733-7899

Angela “Angie” Beeson (Director of Victim Services)  (208) 736-4164

Jeff Rolig (local attorney for Fawnbrook Apartments)   (208) 733-0075

Jeff Passadore (Head attorney for Fawnbrook Apartments)   (503) 702-0535

Bruce Skaug (208) 466-0030 Meridian, Idaho attorney

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore  (702) 985-8142

Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton 

Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho

We will not be letting this case go. Watch my future articles and my website for updates.

Three Foreign-Born Cases of Multi-Drug Resistant TB in Nashville, Tennessee

July 16, 2016

Michael Patrick Leahy


Source …..

Lung X-ray

Three foreign-born residents of Nashville, Tennessee were diagnosed with multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis (TB) in 2014 and 2015, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

All told, in the six years between 2010 and 2015, seven cases of MDR TB were diagnosed in the state of Tennessee, including the three Nashville cases. The Tennessee Department of Health confirms that two of these seven cases of MDR TB were refugees, four were foreign-born but not refugees, and one was U.S.-born.

“One of those [two refugees] was diagnosed [with MDR TB] in 2013 and one was diagnosed in 2010. The one diagnosed in 2013 did not have a TB B-classification in 2007 upon arrival,” a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Health says.

The spokesperson did not add whether this refugee diagnosed with MDR TB in 2013 was tested for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) upon the initial medical screening that every refugee is supposed to undergo upon arrival in the United States.

As Breitbart News reported previously, 27 percent of refugees recently resettled in Tennessee have tested positive for LTBI, one of the highest rates in the country.

Four percent of the general population tests positive for LTBI. The rate at which those in the general population who test positive for LTBI develop active TB at some time in their life is ten percent.

The refugee diagnosed with MDR TB in 2013 developed the disease six years after arriving in the United States in 2007.

Several recent studies have indicated that the high rate of LTBI among resettled refugees poses a risk of active TB in resettlement communities because many refugees who develop TB do so as much as five or more years after their arrival in the country.

“The one [refugee diagnosed with MDR TB] in 2010 had a TB B1-classification upon arrival in 2010,” the spokesperson says.

Under the federal refugee resettlement program operated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, all refugees are given overseas medical screenings as part of a program developed and supervised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that supporters frequently describe as “stringent.”

When those screenings reveal health risks in a refugee, they receive specific classifications. Refugees diagnosed with active TB are given Class A classifications, meaning they are not allowed to be admitted to the United States, with one very big loophole.

Refugees diagnosed overseas with active infectious TB and are classified as Class A medical risks are permitted to resettle in the United States if they receive a medical waiver from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) of the Department of Homeland Security.

Breitbart News has asked CDC to report on the number of refugees given Class A active tuberculosis classifications in their overseas medical screenings who have received medical waivers from the USCIS that allow them to enter the United States, but has not received a response.

Refugees who have abnormal chest x-rays but are sputum smear negative, or who have successfully completed the full regimen of treatment for active TB are classified as B1 medical risks with “active non-infectious tuberculosis,” using the CDC’s terminology, and are allowed to enter the United States without a waiver.

In the case of the one refugee who was diagnosed with MDR TB in 2010, it appears that refugee may have received a B1 “active non-infectious tuberculosis” classification overseas, but been diagnosed with MDR TB almost immediately upon arriving in the United States.

The spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Health tells Breitbart News none of the three foreign-born cases diagnosed in Nashville in 2014 and 2015 were refugees, but refuses to provide either their country of origin or their immigration status. If not refugees, they were either illegal aliens, asylees, parolees, student visa holders, foreign tourists, or permanent legal residents.

“Due to the small number of persons with MDR TB in one county, we have determined providing information about the country of origin for each could contribute to their identification and could violate their protections under HIPAA,” the spokesperson tells Breitbart News.

The HIPAA excuse, a long legal stretch at best, is one often made by politically correct public health officials in an effort to conceal the immigration status of patients with TB or other infectious diseases.

Michael Evans of the Tennessee Office for Refugees (TOR), the subsidiary of Catholic Charities of Tennessee hired by the federal government as the resettlement agency in the Volunteer State, tells Breitbart News, “Because the Tennessee Department of Health does not directly track immigration status, the Tennessee Office for Refugees provided research support to TNDH staff.”

TOR has previously claimed that it does not monitor the medical status of resettled refugees and is unable to provide data on the number of refugees that have been diagnosed with active TB.

Breitbart News has asked both the Tennessee Department of Health and TOR to provide information on the number of refugees diagnosed with active TB over the past five years, but neither organization has done so.

Under the Refugee Act of 1980, TOR is required by law to both report and monitor illnesses such as LTBI, active TB, and MDR TB diagnosed among refugees to the county public health departments in which those cases are diagnosed.

To date, TOR has not fully complied with that requirement.

As Breitbart News reported previously, public health directors in Davidson County and Shelby County (Memphis is another refugee resettlement community in the state) have said that TOR has not reported any of this data – LTBI, active TB, or MDR TB – to them.

Nashville, in Davidson County, is the leading refugee resettlement community in the state. In 2015, 1,162 of the 1,601 refugees resettled in the Volunteer State were placed in Nashville.

MDR TB is a very dangerous form of active TB. Only 60 percent of those diagnosed with the disease survive, according to one medical expert who specializes in tuberculosis.

In contrast to active TB, which can be successfully treated over 9 months with four standard drugs at a cost of $17,000 per patient, MDR TB takes 20 to 26 months to treat at a cost of $150,000 per patient.

In 2014, there were only 91 MDR TB cases in the entire United States, out of a total of 9,421 cases of active TB. Worldwide, however, there were 480,000 cases of MTB TB out of a total of 9 million cases of active TB.

Breitbart News asked Nashville Mayor Megan Barry what specifically she plans to do to limit the health risk to Nashville residents from foreign-born MDR TB.

Mayor Barry has not yet responded.

With a population of 644,000 and at least two confirmed cases of MDR TB in 2015, Nashville, Tennessee appears to have the highest rate of MDR TB of any county in the country: one case for every 322,000 residents during the year.

Across the country in 2014 the 91 MDR TB cases were diagnosed out of a total United States population of 323 million, or one case for every 3.5 million residents during the year.

Breitbart News asked the three members of Congress who represent the metropolitan Nashville area–Rep. Jim Cooper, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, and Rep. Diane Black–to comment, but none have yet responded.

Their challengers, however, readily offered their views on the news that Nashville has developed such a high rate of MDR TB.

“Rep. Diane Black and her Democratic allies in Washington, like Rep. Jim Cooper, have combined to pass budgets bringing refugees into Tennessee and the United States that now have apparently contributed to making Nashville, Tennessee the multi-drug resistant TB capital of America,” former State Rep. Joe Carr, who is challenging Rep. Black for the GOP nomination in the Sixth Congressional District, tells Breitbart News.

Stacy Ries Snyder, who is running for the GOP nomination to take on Rep. Jim Cooper in the Fifth Congressional District this fall, tells Breitbart News, “Jim Cooper, who has served in Congress for 26 years and represents Nashville/Davidson County, should be out in front of this issue since these refugees affect his district more than any other in Tennessee. He is either uninterested or unable to protect the citizens of his district.”

“There are refugees being allowed into this country unfettered – we don’t know who they are or even if they have contagious diseases. We must re-institute an Ellis Island type of inspection station where those with diseases can either be treated or some returned to their native country. Until such an inspection station is instituted, there needs to be a moratorium on refugees until we can find out who is in this country and in what state of health they are,” Snyder says.

“As a Catholic, I am extremely disturbed by the knowledge that Catholic Charities is helping to bring in these refugees and failing to protect the American populace in the meantime. They are doing this in violation of the Refugee Act of 1980 which allowed States to opt out-which Tennessee did. Catholic Charities is not operating under laws, it is operating under regulations that circumvent the people’s voice to its own government,” she adds.

Big John Smith, who is competing with Snyder for the GOP nomination in the Fifth District, tells Breitbart News, “it’s very puzzling to me why our federal government seems hell-bent to bring immigrants into our country from places where TB infections are common, if not rampant.”

“At Ellis Island, individuals were admitted to America after a medical screening.  Those
policies were designed to protect Americans, to keep them safe.  Our life boat will sink and all will perish if our earlier American policies are not resurrected, ” Smith adds.

“In my town of Nashville, the local office of refugee resettlement with its sister organization, Catholic Charities,  have been very sly in concealing which of its current immigrants are infected.  Catholic Charities is paid for each person entering America through their crowded offices,” Smith adds.

“What is unfair to Nashvillians and Tennesseans in general is that it is they who will have to bear the costs for housing, medical care, food stamps, earned income tax rebates and the thousands of dollars spent every year for a people with no education and few marketable skills. These policies are so costly and unfair to the people in my own community as they struggle to keep their own families fed and housed,” Smith concludes.

The Department of Health presentation from October 2015, “MDR in NDR: Nashville’s Trio of Multidrug-Resistant TB Cases,” by Ben Katz, MPH, of the Tennessee Tuberculosis Elimination Program offered a description of each of the three foreign-born patients who were diagnosed with MDR TB.

Patient 1 in Nashville was a 44-year-old, foreign-born male who “presented to local hospital with cough and abnormal chest x-ray,” on May 15, 2015.

Two weeks later, on June 2, “Molecular detection of drug resistance (MDDR) showed INH, EMB, and PZA mutations.”

Patient 2 in Nashville was a a 47-year-old, foreign-born female who had a “Previous diagnosis 2011 with treatment.” On March 30, 2015, she had a “TST placed.” On April 3, that test revealed the presence of TB. That same day she “[r]eported night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, and cough.”

Patient 3 in Nashville was a 28-year-old, foreign-born female who “[r]eported TB treatment overseas” between February 2013 and February 2014 “with Isoniazid, Rifampin, and Ethambutol.”

On April 14, 2014, two months after completing a year of treatment for active TB overseas, Patient 3 “[s]ought care related to lump in neck and related medical complaints,” in Nashville.

On May 29, 2014, Patient 3’s “[b]iopsy reported MTb probe positive.”

As of October 7, 2015, more than one year later, Patient 3 was still undergoing treatment.

Tennessee is one of fourteen states that have withdrawn from the federal refugee resettlement program. In those states, the federal government has hired contractors, voluntary agencies (VOLAGs), to resettle refugees under the statutorily questionable Wilson Fish alternative program.

In April, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Senate Joint Resolution 467 declaring its intent to sue the federal government on Tenth Amendment grounds for its operation of the refugee resettlement program in the Volunteer State.

In July Tennessee Attorney General Herb Slatery gave the state legislature the green light to proceed with the litigation, though he said he would not personally represent the state in the proceedings.

“This news of two refugees with MDR TB in Tennessee underscores the need for judicial relief through our Tenth Amendment lawsuit. Inconsistent data and conflicting reports indicate unacceptable risk when it comes to the health and safety of our citizens,” State Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville), the sponsor of SJR 467, tells Breitbart News.

An attorney familiar with the federal refugee resettlement program agrees.

“Recent articles detailing cases of refugee arrivals with TB including those of greatest concern, being active and multi-drug resistant, highlight the need for meaningful accountability and transparency on the part of the federal resettlement contractors who bring refugees to our communities,” the attorney tells Breitbart News.

“VOLAG (volunteer agency resettlement agency) accountability has been discussed in Congress repeatedly since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980 and unfortunately, not much has changed.  The federal program continues to operate with sanctioned secrecy, including the concealment of resettlement plans prior to the start of the fiscal year and other information that has serious implications for public health,” the attorney adds.

“This secrecy surrounding the whole refugee program must be unveiled,” State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster), the main sponsor of SJR 467 in the Tennessee House tells Breitbart News.

“We want to know who, how many and where these refugees are coming from. It is wrong to put our state in danger of epidemic proportions that will only escalate that could be prevented if we knew the truth,” Weaver adds.

The Tennessee General Assembly is expected to hire the Thomas More Law Center, which has said it will represent the state at no cost, to litigate the case on its behalf in federal court.


Rep. Diane Black provided this statement to Breitbart News late Friday morning:

With each passing day, the case against continuing our broken refugee resettlement program grows. President Obama’s own Secretary of Homeland Security admitted previously that terrorists could ‘exploit’ this system, and now we see very clearly how it is threatening our public health right here in Tennessee. That is why I’ve fought at every turn to combat this dangerous practice, whether it was cosponsoring a bill to halt refugee resettlement altogether, voting for House-passed legislation to strengthen refugee screening, or voting against last year’s omnibus bill that allowed the program to continue on, unabated.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton like to frame this as a matter of compassion and goodwill, but there’s nothing compassionate about endangering American citizens to help seal a political legacy. The compassionate and responsible thing to do is to enact a full moratorium on refugee resettlement until these safety concerns are fully addressed.

Louie Gohmert and Darrell Issa Renew Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization

July 15, 2016

Dustin Stockton


Source …..

Muslim Brotherhood

Congressmen Darrell Issa (R, CA) and Louis Gohmert (R, TX) pushed a bill, H.R. 3892, that would officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization at a meeting organized by the London Center for Policy research in the Russell Senate building on Wednesday.

The panel included several distinguished American and Egyptian speakers. Egypt has already designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and H.R. 3892 would apply the terror designation to the Muslim Brotherhood for the U.S. government.

After the London Center’s Vice President Eli Gold started the meeting, Congressman Gohmert spoke first by outlining the case against the Muslim Brotherhood and countering arguments made by detractors of the legislation. The outspoken Texas Congressman addressed accusations of racism over his opposition to radical Islam by saying Radical Islam isn’t a race, it’s a violent ideology. Gohmert also hammered the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as an unindicted co-conspirator in the conviction of the Holyland Foundation for providing material support to terrorists. Gohmert used the words of several prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood to illustrate that the Muslim Brotherhood considers itself an enemy of the United States and that we should take them at their word.

Congressman Issa spoke next,  saying that the Muslim Brotherhood drives hatred of Christians and Jews. Congressman Issa eviscerated arguments from opponents of the legislation that claim the Muslim Brotherhood is just a political organization. “The Muslim Brotherhood should change their name if they want to call themselves a political organization,” Issa said. “They can’t use the same monikers, slogans, and rhetoric and claim they’ve changed their spots.”

After the Congressmen left to attend a vote in the House, President of the London Center for Policy Research, Herb London, talked about the Muslim Brotherhood providing seed money to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. He talked about the revolution in Egypt that initially installed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi as President. Shortly after Morsi was installed nearly a third of Egyptians again took to the streets, this time to remove Morsi. Morsi called on the military to fire on the protesters and General El-Sisi refused, making him a hero and eventually Morsi’s replacement as President, London explained.

London also brought up a speech Egyptian President El-Sisi made denouncing violence and extremism in his own religion and commented that it was unfortunate that it was mostly ignored by the media.

Egyptian actor Mahmoud Kabil also spoke about his experience in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. Kabil talked about heading “veterans against Morsi” and tied the Muslim Brotherhood to an organization that the United States has already designated as a terrorist organization, Hamas.

London Center Senior Military Fellow Major General Bob Newman talked about the Muslim Brotherhood’s potential for non-kinetic attacks including cyber attacks and an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on American infrastructure.

Egyptian TV host Michael Morgan warned that the Muslim Brotherhood will lie and say anything to get what they want, which is a foothold to attack from within.

Breitbart News asked another panelist, Senator Ted Cruz’s Legislative Assistant Samantha Leahy, what impact the terror designation would have on the Muslim Brotherhood. She answered by saying that it would give the State Department more leeway to open investigations and follow Muslim Brotherhood finances. A member of the audience asked in a follow-up question if the terror designation would compel the government to take action because the current administration isn’t likely to do anything against the Muslim Brotherhood voluntarily. Leahy answered that terror designation would prevent members of the Muslim Brotherhood from entering the country and compel the monitoring of their finances.

First Religious Wars, Now Race Wars

July 15, 2016

Chuck Baldwin


Source …..

ChuckBaldwinThe killings of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) militant protester is the latest consequence of manufactured terrorism by out-of-control government elitists hell-bent on destroying the United States as a free and independent nation. A lot more is on the way.

This all started in earnest under the presidential administration of George H.W. Bush and has continued unabated through the two administrations of Barack Obama. For nearly three decades (perhaps three decades plus two years, if one includes a G.H.W. Bush-dominated second term of Ronald Reagan), Neocon and Neolib globalists have controlled the domestic and foreign policies of the federal government. And with the advent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Patriot Act under George W. Bush, the federal government was given virtually all of the tools it needs to try to implement its New World Order globalist agenda.

The first step was to create a global religious war between the so-called Christian West and Islam. This mandated the collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in order to create chaos and terrorism throughout the Middle East. Along with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad’s mostly secular government, the secular regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq had to be disrupted or overthrown in order for Neocon globalists in the West (which includes its allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel) to achieve their goal of creating instability throughout the region.

Like them or not, Hussein and Assad were the two most stabilizing forces in the Middle East. For the most part, they kept religious radicals in the region pretty much at bay. The thousand-year conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims was mostly localized. That all changed with the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the complete destabilization of Assad’s Syria.

In addition, perpetual attacks against Syria and its allies in the region by U.S. bombers and drones (which have killed tens of thousands) have successfully infuriated an entire generation of Middle Eastern Muslims. Add to this covert operations by America’s CIA, British MI6, the Israeli Mossad–along with clandestine support from Saudi Arabia and Turkey–and the Neocon globalist elite have created a global religious war that has resulted in the current escalation of mass migration into Europe, militant Islamic terrorism, and never-ending wars of aggression by the United States. But the bigger goal of the globalists was about using the instability of the Middle East as a vehicle by which to create instability in the United States.

America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. It is the only remaining nation of Western Civilization that still recognizes man’s Natural rights, including and especially the right to keep and bear arms. As long as America remains an armed society, it is impossible for the globalists to achieve their ultimate goal of subjugating the West. Nations such as Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand–and even Switzerland–that once reverenced the fundamental right of free men to keep and bear arms have been mostly subjected to the tyranny of the gun-grabbing global elite. America is the last domino to fall.

The advent of the global “war on terror” was the perfect excuse to create the DHS–including its aggressive program of militarizing U.S. domestic law enforcement.

It is not even controversial any longer to note how increasingly militarized local and State law enforcement agencies have become since the DHS was formed. But that includes more than equipment; it also includes police training and tactics. More and more, local police are brainwashed with an “us versus them” mentality and are given extreme latitude by department chiefs, county sheriffs, and judges to “shoot first and ask questions later.”

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes, “First, we know that the police have been, or are being, militarized. They are armed with weapons of war that hitherto have been used only on battlefields. We don’t know why police are armed in this way, as such weapons are not necessary for policing the American public and are not used in police work anywhere except in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

“There is an undeclared agenda behind these weapons, and neither Congress nor the presstitute media have any apparent interest in discovering the hidden agenda.

“Nevertheless, the militarization of the police fits in with what we know about police training.” militarizationmilitarization

Roberts continues, “The American police are being taught at public expense that only their lives are valuable, not our lives. Therefore, in any encounter with a citizen, the automatic assumption is that the citizen intends harm to the police and must be immediately forcefully subdued and handcuffed or, alternatively, shot dead. The police are trained that the safest thing for the police to do is to terminate the suspect even if it is a soccer mom who forgot to signal a turn while driving her kids to a practice.

“In other words, the American police have no more obligation to respect the lives and rights of US citizens than the Israeli occupying forces have to respect the lives and rights of Palestinians.

“This does appear to be an accurate description of the situation. Even the New York Times has blown the whistle on William J. Lewinski, who trains US police to shoot first and he will answer the questions for them in court, on the rare occasion that the wanton murder they committed lands them there.”

See Dr. Roberts’ column here:

Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder

Dr. Roberts’ column is well taken. The result of this police indoctrination is an ever-burgeoning number of police shootings and killings.

For example, in 2013, 773 people were shot and killed by police. In 2014, the number rose to 1,111. In 2015, the number spiked again to 1,208. And so far, police have killed (as of July 12) 619 in 2016, which is on a pace to equal or surpass 2015 numbers.

See the report here:

Killed By Police

I am giving police the benefit of the doubt and assuming that most of these killings were justified. But not all of them were. Just how many were not we will never know because the vast majority of unjustified shootings are swept under the carpet by the powers that be, leaving victims’ families to suffer without resolution and with intense resentment against our government and its representatives in law enforcement.

By contrast to the thousands of people killed by police, in 2013, 33 police officers were shot and killed; in 2014, 49 police officers were shot and killed; and in 2015, 42 police officers were shot and killed. (Source: National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund)

And just as Middle Eastern Muslims have been the most obvious target of America’s international “war on terror,” so, too, the black community has been the most obvious target of the government’s domestic “war on terror.” Neither is a coincidence. Again, the goal is to provoke instability so as to justify disarmament and police militarization.

For years, the DHS media relations front group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has done its best to create “war” between the federal government and conservatives and Christians, people they call “radical right-wing extremists.” The DHS and SPLC have done their dead-level best to incite conservatives and patriots into physical confrontation with federal agencies. For the most part–and with only a few rare exceptions–these efforts have failed miserably. So, what the Neocons who control Washington, D.C., could not do against conservative patriot groups, they are now doing against the black community.

It is no coincidence that ultra-globalists such as George Soros are funding BLM to the tune of millions of dollars. And there is absolutely no doubt that the same globalists who were able to create radical Muslim terror groups such as ISIS have also been able to create radical groups such as BLM.

And no, not everyone in the BLM protest group is an anti-America, violence-prone terrorist. Many of them are simply angry people (some of them justifiably) who are being manipulated by anti-America radicals in much the same way that young, bitter Muslims (some of them justifiably) are being manipulated by radical globalists.

BLM no more represents the black community than ISIS represents Islam. Both are cunningly created contrivances of Neocons and Neolibs in Washington, D.C., who are attempting to incite terror, instability, and chaos inside the United States for the express purpose of manipulating the U.S. Congress into authorizing the disarmament of the American citizenry and into utilizing a DHS-trained militarized police apparatus to squelch any resistance to their soon-to-follow Police State.

It is no accident that both Barack Obama and the Dallas, Texas, police chief are calling for more gun control in the wake of the Dallas shootings. And make no mistake about it: their ultimate goal is the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles because the semi-automatic rifle is the ONLY effective deterrent to authoritarianism. I will say it straight out: if you do not own a semi-automatic rifle, you are DEFENSELESS against tyranny. Your Glock pistol, Smith & Wesson revolver, bolt-action hunting rifle, and pump shotgun are NOT going to defend your community or our nation against the forces of a tyrant. I will even be bolder and say: unless your age or health prohibits you from operating a semi-automatic rifle, to not own a semi-automatic rifle is tantamount to abandoning the defense of liberty. By not possessing a semi-automatic rifle, you are aiding and abetting the usurpers. AR-type rifles are lightweight, have negligible recoil, and are so simple to operate (with proper instruction, of course) that the smallest framed man or woman can proficiently use them. There is NO EXCUSE for any freedom-loving American to NOT own a semi-automatic rifle. As Jesus said, “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” (Luke 22:36)

I highly encourage readers to obtain the book written by my attorney son and me entitled “To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.” This book explains the Natural Law philosophy and Biblical theology of why Christians (and everyone else) need to be armed. And we also explain in the book why the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles is the same as TOTAL disarmament.

Find the book here:

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns

If you don’t understand anything else, please understand this: the goal of all of this violence and unrest is the disarmament of the American citizenry. Sadly, this means that you folks who live in big cities are about to see a whole lot more (and worse) of what happened in Dallas, Texas.

The New Black Panther Party is already talking about forming their own country out of the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. And if you think this is an idle threat, think again. Residents of big cities within these states should start preparing for the worst NOW.

This country is fast turning into a boiling cauldron. But the ones who are cooking up this hellish feast are not the ones you see on your television screen. Like the chef at your local eatery, they are “behind the curtain.”

On a positive note, the more these gun-grabbing, totalitarian-loving, big-government toadies succeed in tearing the nation apart through their manufactured religious and race wars, the more incentive Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington State, and Alaska have to do a little breaking away of their own. Or better yet, get these states together and call it “New Columbia.” Call it whatever you will, but somehow I don’t see Montanans or Texans giving up their semi-automatic rifles anytime soon–all of the fabrications, manipulations, and provocations of the globalist elite notwithstanding.

So, if the goal of all of this mayhem and madness is to take away our semi-automatic rifles (and it is), all I can say is MOLON LABE.

You Won’t Believe What Planned Parenthood Just Tweeted

July 14, 2016

Philip Hodges


Source …..

Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood is probably not even aware of their almost-comical hypocrisy in one of their recent tweets.

In an attempt to declare their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in light of officer-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, they tweeted out a link to an article entitled: “23 Everyday Actions Punishable by Death if You’re Black.”

In the image accompanying the link was a protester’s sign that read: “Stop Killing Black Children!” The sign’s message was flanked by handguns.


So, the message is that killing black children with guns is bad. Killing black children with abortion is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it’s a woman’s absolute, constitutional right that must remain as unregulated as possible.

One leader in the pro-life community – who happens to be black – is repulsed by this hypocrisy, pointing out that there are more blacks killed by abortion in one day than blacks killed by cops in one year. Ryan Bomberger with the Radiance Foundation writes:

Whites are killed by cops, according to a database created by the Washington Post twice as much as blacks. Out of a total of 990 killed, 494 (or 49.9%) were white and 258 (or 26%) were black. 782 of those killed, or 79%, were armed with a deadly weapon. But hey, let’s onlyreport when unarmed black individuals are victims of police brutality. This is a deliberate and despicable attempt by mainstream media to color the issue.

Just to put things into perspective, Planned Parenthood kills more unarmed black lives in one day than police are accused of killing in one entire year. (These Planned Parenthood-caused deaths of black unarmed lives in the womb amount to 266 a day, which is 30%–the percentage of the nation’s abortions among blacks—of the 323,999 abortions that generates over $200 million annually for the abortion chain.) The hypocrisy of   #BlackLivesMatter leaders screamed loudly as they recently announced solidarity with the pro-abortion movement. Apparently, black lives matter only some of the time.

So, armed with the one-sided reporting, #BlackLivesMatter leaders (who have no use for the facts) declare there is an epidemic of cops killing innocent black people. There are 45,672,250 black Americans (including those who are biracial); I’m one of them. The 258 police-caused African-American deaths in 2015 amount to 0.000006% of the black population. It’s tragic but not an epidemic. But if you tweet it a million times and mainstream media reports on it daily, how can you blame people for thinking this is widespread?

Report: Obama Administration Funded Campaign to Topple Netanyahu

July 14, 2016

Breitbart News


Source …..


This story originally appeared at the Washington Times:

The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday.

Some $350,000 was sent to OneVoice, ostensibly to support the group’s efforts to back Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But OneVoice used the money to build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign — all of which set the stage for an anti-Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said in a bipartisan staff report.

In one stunning finding, the subcommittee said OneVoice even told the State Department’s top diplomat in Jerusalem of its plans in an email, but the official, Consul General Michael Ratney, claims never to have seen them.

He said he regularly deleted emails with large attachments — a striking violation of open-records laws for a department already reeling from former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s handling of official government records.

Read the full story at the Washington Times.

Record 25,851,000 Foreign-Born People Employed in U.S. in June

July 14, 2016

Caroline May


Source …..


The number of foreign-born people employed in the United States reached another record high in June, according to new figures released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS reports that last month a record 25,851,000 foreign-born people had jobs in the U.S., an increase of 110,000 people from the previous record high hit in March.

The BLS defines the “foreign-born” as “those residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth.”

More specifically, the BLS says, “[the foreign-born] were born outside the United States or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam, to parents neither of whom was a U.S. citizen. The native born are persons who were born in the United States or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam or who were born abroad of at least one parent who was a U.S. citizen.”

The unemployment rate among the foreign born, according to the not-seasonally adjusted data, was 4.0 percent. The labor force participation rate was 65.6 percent.

While more foreign-born people had jobs last month, number of native-born Americans with jobs declined by 179,000 last month, hitting 126,140,000.The unemployment rate among native-born people was 5.3 percent and the labor force participation rate was 62.7 percent.

Both the foreign-born and native-born populations have experienced job-growth under the Obama Administration. The employment-growth among the foreign-born population, when compared with overall working-age population growth, however, has fared somewhat better.

Since President Obama took office, the population of working-age foreign-born people has increased by 6,048,000 and the number with jobs has grown by 4,476,000. In the same timeframe the native-born, working-age population grew by 12,611,000 and the number with jobs grew by 7,079,000.

Florida Rep. and Congressional Black Caucus Member Indicted for Fraud

July 14, 2016

Warner Todd Huston


Source …..


Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) has been indicted by a federal grand jury on a series of charges in connection with a fraudulent charity, reports reveal.

The 69-year-old Democrat was indicted on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, filing false tax returns, and other charges, according to the AP.

Brown is currently looking to be re-elected to maintain her thirteen-year career as congresswoman for Florida’s 5th — and previously 3rd — congressional district.

The indictment comes after a federal grand jury was called to review the One Door for Education Foundation Inc., which claimed to take donations to send underprivileged students to college but instead allegedly funneled the cash into the pockets of Rep. Brown and her associates.

Fifty-year-old Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, Brown’s chief of staff since 1993, was also indicted in connection with the fraudulent charity.

The charges come on the heels of an investigation into the head of the charity, Carla Wiley, who was found to have deposited over $800,000 in funds to the charity yet only gave out a single $1,000 scholarship in over four years. Officials charged Wiley with transferring tens of thousands of dollars into her own accounts as well as the accounts of others.

In a statement, Assistant U.S. Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division, said Brown seemed to have treated the charity as a “personal slush fund.”

“Congresswoman Brown and her chief of staff are alleged to have used the congresswoman’s official position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to a supposed charitable organization, only to use that organization as a personal slush fund,” Caldwell wrote.

“Corruption erodes the public’s trust in our entire system of representative government,” Caldwell said.

Investigators say that up to $200,000 of the charity’s cash was used to fund special events for Brown and her staff, including golf outings, luxury seating for concerts, NFL games, and other events. Further complicating matters, some of the events were also held under the auspices of the congresswoman’s congressional office.

Brown, who is listed as an “honorable member” of the Congressional Black Caucus has had other brushes with the law. Among other scrapes, in 1998, Brown was admonished by the Federal Election Commission for her campaign’s forging of the signature of a campaign treasurer on reports. The campaign treasurer quit after discovering the fraud. Brown has also been accused of paying out thousands to her daughter and supplying federal contracts to her daughter’s husband. She was also rebuked by the House in 2004 for calling the 2000 election of George W. Bush a “coup d’état” on the floor of the House.


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